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The ANC has not made any decisions regarding rape claims leveled against its head of presidency Zizi Kodwa, who remains in office.

The party confirmed on Sunday that it was worried about the claims, but said the matter was yet to be discussed by its structures.

On Saturday ANC deputy secretary general Jessie Duarte confirmed to journalists that a rape complaint had been sent to the party in a letter against a high-ranking party member.

News24 opted not to name Kodwa until he had been given an opportunity to respond to the allegation, which he did publicly on Sunday.

Duarte said the party advised the complainant that she needed to go to the criminal justice system with her complaint.

“These particular allegations are very serious because it’s the antithesis of what we stand for as the ANC,” said another ANC acting spokesperson Dakota Legoete.

He was responding to questions from journalists during a media briefing at the party’s headquarters.

“So far the victim came to present her complaint to Luthuli House. She was advised by Luthuli House that we do not have the mandate to investigate (and) we don’t have the mandate to prosecute.

“The best (way) for her would be to approach the law enforcement agencies to ensure that this matter is properly processed within the rule of law, properly processed within the ambit of the Constitutional ambit so that she and the accused will be respected,” explained Legoete.

Kodwa himself released a statement labeling the claims a “dirty tricks campaign,” vowing to not succumb to blackmail and extortion.

Kodwa also said he would seek legal advice on the matter.

Meanwhile, ANC chair of the subcommittee on economic transformation Enoch Gongdogwana called for all parties in the matter to be respected.

“For God’s sake, ANC members like all South Africans are entitled to due process,” he said.