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Zeki Müren wiki: Zeki Müren Born on 6 December 1931 Dies 24 September 1996 was a Turkish singer, composer, songwriter, actor and poet. Known by the nicknames “The Sun of Art” and “Pasha he was one of the prominent figures of the Turkish classical music. Due to his contributions to the art industry, he was named a “State Artist” in 1991. He was the first singer to receive a golden certification in Turkey and throughout his career recorded and released hundreds of songs on cassettes and phonograph records.

Zeki Müren Childhood and education

Müren was born in the Hisar district of Bursa, at the wooden house number 30 on Ortapazar Road as the only child of Kaya and Hayriye Müren. His family were originially from Skopje. His father was a timber merchant. He was a small and impatient boy. At the age of 11 he was circumcised in Bursa.

Müren went to the Bursa Osmangazi School (later Tophane School and Alkıncı School). When he was at school his musical ability was discovered by his teachers and he started to have a prominent role at school musicals. His first ever role, was the character of a shepherd in one of these musicals.

He finished his secondary school in Bursa and then asked his father to let him got to Istanbul. There he attended the Istanbul Boğaziçi High School. He finished the school and ended up as the number-one student. After passing his exams he was enrolled at the Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts (now Mimar Sinan University).

Zeki Müren Personal life

Zeki Müren never married. In the 1950s, with his special patterns of behavior, dressing and his performance on stage, he managed to keep people’s interest constantly on top. In the early years of his career, he chose to wear ordinary clothes and hairstyles, but later showed a favor for feminine-styled clothes, and performed with new hairstyles and make-up. He never commented on his sexual orientation and occasionally his name appeared alongside that of women. The general opinion was that he was homosexual.

He was known to speak Turkish with a viscous accent. Referred to as the “Pasha of Music”, in 1969, after his Aspendos concert, for the first time, he started being favored by the people of Antalya. He explained that although he was delighted because of their support, he still did not know why he was that much favored. He served as an assistant officer in Ankara Infantry School (6 months), Istanbul Harbiye Representative Office (6 months) and Çankırı (3 months) in 1957-1958. Onur Akay’s suggestion on TRT Music, Müren’s date of birth 6 December, has been celebrated as the Turkish Art Music Day since 2012.

Zeki Müren Illness and death

During the last 6 years of his life, Müren was away from the scenes and the media due to heart disease and diabetes. He was retired in his house in Bodrum. He described this period as a time for “listening to oneself”. On 24 September 1996, during the ceremony held for him at TRT İzmir Television, he had a heart attack and died. His funeral ceremony was attended by a large number of people. His body was taken to his birthplace, Bursa, and buried in Emirsultan Cemetery.

He left all his assets in his will to the Turkish Education Foundation and Mehmetçik Foundation. TEV and Mehmetçik Foundation built Zeki Müren Fine Arts Anatolian High School in Bursa in 2002. In a statement on 24 September 2016, TEV Bursa Branch President Mehmet Caliskan said that the Foundation had helped 2,631 students with the Zeki Müren Scholarship Fund over tha last 20 years.

After his death, the house in which the artist lived in Bodrum for the last years of his life was transformed into Zeki Müren Art Museum by the order of the Ministry of Culture and was opened to the public on 8 June 2000.

Zeki Müren Google Tribute Doodle

On December 6, 2018, a Google Doodle was displayed to celebrate his 87th birthday.

Zeki Müren’s 87th Birthday

Hailed as “The Sun of Art” and the “Pasha of Turkish Music,” Zeki Müren was a singer, composer, actor, and poet who became one of the most important artists in Turkish classical music history.