Pennsylvania Football Coach Raped 10 month Daughter: Zara Scruggs Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Death, Murder
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Pennsylvania Football Coach Raped 10 month Daughter: Zara Scruggs Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Death, Murder

Zara Scruggs Biography

Zara Scruggs Biography – Zara Scruggs Wiki

Austin Stevens is a Pennsylvania man accused of raping his 10-month-old daughter, Zara Scruggs, who sustained head trauma and later died, according to local authorities.

The Montgomery County District Attorney announced on October 6 that the 29-year-old man in Lower Providence Town had been arrested on charges of “involuntary deviant sexual intercourse”, rape of a child, severe assault, and others, on charges of the death of Zara Scruggs.


The Lower Provincial Police were dispatched around 22:40 on October 3. After the call for an unresponsive baby in 911, according to a statement from the authorities.


On arrival, they found the unresponsive baby and his father, Austin Stevens. According to the office of the Montgomery County Attorney’s Office, the police immediately began CPR on the unresponsive baby, who was transported by ambulance to Einstein Medical Center Montgomery.


“Despite revival efforts, it was announced that he died at 12:12 pm.”


According to the statement, Stevens was charged with involuntary deviant sexual intercourse, rape of a child, aggravated assault, aggravated immoral assault, endangering a child’s well-being, and related charges.


“This case is extremely disturbing,” said Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin R. Steele. “It is hard to imagine that the death of this child was more traumatic: sexual assault on a baby, followed by inaction to save the father’s life led to his death.”


The district attorney’s office confirmed that Stevens was unable to pay the $ 1 million bail and was returned to the Montgomery County Correctional Facility. A preliminary hearing will be held on October 13 at 15:00.


Investigators discovered that after receiving a search warrant to download Stevens’ phone data, he “ran multiple Google searches for about an hour before calling 911,” the district attorney noted.


In the search history, “If baby stops breathing”, “If you don’t hear baby’s heart or beat”, “Baby isn’t breathing” and “How do you know when a BSBY is dead?” It contained expressions. the office continued.


According to the statement, “Stevens conducted social media and text chats with two women who were not related to the baby’s situation during this time,” the statement said.


Authorities said the diaper worn by the baby on his way to the hospital was “saturated with blood”.


At the Montgomery County Forensic Medicine Institute, forensic pathologist Dr. “According to the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office.


The office added that the cause and form of death have not yet been determined and additional test results are awaited.


Stevens claims to be co-owner of Black Diamond Construction Services on Facebook, located 15 minutes from Philadelphia and King of Prussia.


The company continues, “It is a versatile construction company committed to providing the necessary services to bring your company’s project to life. Our company is fully licensed (PA136422) and insured, and has skilled employees who take pride in their work,” the website continues.


“No Contract is completed until you are satisfied, be it Demolition, General Construction Work, House Renovation, Transportation or Cleaning services!”


WPVI-TV reported that Stevens was an assistant coach on the Lower Providence Warriors football team, citing investigators.


Lower Providence Midget Football Association is “the foremost youth football organization in the region,” according to its website. “The Warriors is an organization that promotes youth football and cheerleading for children ages 5-15.”


Several photos uploaded to Stevens’s Facebook account seem to confirm the claim, displaying the 29-year-old player’s pose with the actors and trophies.


According to his Facebook profile, Stevens hails from Norristown, Pennsylvania and attends Plymouth-Whitemarsh High School.


The relationship status on the page indicates that she is single.


On June 4, Stevens posted a photo of him in a suit with a caption about cheering up “other Black men” and wrote:


WE ARE BLACK MEN!… .. We build…. We don’t knock down other BLACK MEN! …. We felt the pain of falling apart and decided that we would be intentional about building others! If I didn’t tag you, please don’t be offended. I tried to choose the people I thought would make this challenge !! Often times, we men find it easier to criticize each other rather than empower each other. Let’s do something positive, with all the negativity going around !! 🌟

Upload 1 picture of yourself… ONLY you. Then tag many brothers to do the same. (FB only allows 50). Let’s build ourselves instead of demolishing ourselves.


If I tagged you, don’t let me down !!