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Who was Yusef Hawkins? (Paddy Duke Fired) Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, hot 97, Death and Cause

Who was Yusef Hawkins? (Paddy Duke Fired) Biography, Wiki

Yusef Hawkins, a 16-year-old teen from East New York, was murdered in 1989, the death nearly tore Brooklyn apart, igniting racial tensions between the African American and Italian American community that still exists today.
No one could have suspected that one of the persons involved in the racial murder – not in politics, education, or the police force, but Hip-Hop – was hiding.
According to a new HBO documentary called Storm Over Brooklyn, Hot 97’s Commercial Production Director Pasquale Raucci, aka Paddy Duke, was allegedly the evil perpetrators of killing teenagers, Hawkins.

Who is Paddy Duke? (Why Fired Pasquale Raucci)

On August 23, 1989, Hawkins and his three friends Luther Sylvester, Troy Banner and Claude Stanford went to Bensonhurst to check out a car that was interested in buying it for $ 900.
Young white teenagers of more than ten attacked the foursome thinking that one of these Black boys was dating a neighborhood girl, a story used in Spike Lee’s movie Jungle Fever as an Easter egged tribute to this terrifyingly bigoted sociology.
When they surrounded the boys with baseball bats and vile racial hatred, the boys were waiting to be jumped.
No one expected that Hawkins would be shot in the chest twice and once in the heart that Wednesday night on Mr. Ridge and 20th Avenues.
Police detained ten young Italian men accused of crimes against Hawkins, and named Keith Mondello’s instigator and Joey Fama, according to the New York Daily News. The gun used is now gone.
Paddy Duke is one of the children tried in the state supreme court with Mondello. The Daily News published a photo of her face in 1990.
The documentary sheds light on crime, but also shows how Paddy Duke was able to reinvent himself and build a career on a radio station that many consider to be just as influential in the spread of Hip-Hop as the great artists they played. air.
What career has he built on the coats of the people he invested in abusing years ago?
Raucci was the producer and live DJ of the Angie Martinez show from December 1994 to January 2003. Since 2003, he has served as Director of Commercial Production on Hot 97.
The lead character, Ebro, spoke about the documentary earlier in the summer, but did not mention Paddy Dukes’ connection. Maybe he didn’t make the link.
Ironically, fans urged Hot 97 not only to talk about the murder of Yusef Hawkins, but also to comment on his employees, forcing him to make a statement.
Hot 97 answered. It doesn’t work there anymore.
“HOT97 was shocked and acted quickly after watching HBO’s Storm over Brooklyn. Paddy Duke is no longer working on HOT97. The social justice march continues,” the channel said on Twitter.