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Suzanne Eaton Suspect Killer Arrested: Yiannis Paraskakis Bio, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Fast Facts You Need to know

Yiannis Paraskakis Bio

Yiannis Paraskakis is a local farmer, priest’s son and father-of-two who is said to have told authorities that he hit Dr. Eaton with his car on July 2 then stabbed her in a ‘sexually motivated’ killing.

Yiannis Paraskakis Age

He is 27 years old

Yiannis Paraskakis Accused Suzanne Eaton Murder

accused of murdering American biologist Suzanne Eaton in Crete earlier this month was seen being marched towards Greek prosecutors in handcuffs on Tuesday a day after confessing to her killing.

Yiannis Paraskakis Stabbed Her in Nazi Bankers

Suzanne Eaton’s body was found hidden in a Nazi bunker in the hills near Chania. She had been stabbed, suffocated and one of her ears had been cut off.
In his confession, Paraskakis told investigators that he hit Dr. Eaton with his car twice.
He then carried, while she was unconscious, into the trunk of his car and drove to the bunker where he said he raped her and then killed her.

Suzanne Eaton’s Murder Investigation

Detectives were led to the suspect after interviewing a group of people they said knew the tunnel network well.
Paraskakis is active on social media and YouTube where he has shared photos and videos of himself inside what looks like the same caves where the doctor’s body was found.

Yiannis Paraskakis Charged

Paraskakis is expected to be charged with murder on Tuesday.

Yiannis Paraskakis Arrested

Police said on Tuesday that he was arrested after they discovered tire tracks near the tunnel.

Yiannis Paraskakis Statement

‘According to his claims, he placed the victim, unconscious, in the boot of his car and transferred her to a ventilation drain in the wartime storage (tunnel), where after raping her, abandoned her there.’

Fast Facts You Need to know

  • Yiannis Paraskakis, 27, confessed to killing Eaton on Monday after being questioned by police on the island of Crete
  • He told police he hit her with his car then stabbed her in a ‘sexually motivated’ attack on July 2
  • He hit her twice then dumped her in his trunk and drove to the bunker, he said
  • There, he attacked her violently, breaking multiple ribs and bones in her face 
  • Dr. Eaton, 59, was in Greece attending a conference and had gone out walking
  • She fought her attacker off and police found DNA under her fingernails 
  • Paraskakis was arrested after police interviewed a group of people who know the network of tunnels well 
  • He is now in custody in Chania awaiting his first court appearance