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Yael Shelbia Bio: Yael Shelbia born Yael Shelbia Cohen, 2001) is an Israeli fashion model from Nahariya.

Yael Shelbia has appeared in a number of international modeling campaigns. She was listed by TC CANDLER in 2018 as the 3th most beautiful face in the world, ahead in Israel of Gal Gadot.

She became a leading model for Castro from 2017. Yael Shelbia has received additional media attention due to her Orthodox background, as she keeps Kosher and observes Shabbat. which had led to controversy in her Orthodox Jewish religious community.

Yael Shelbia Wiki

Yael Shelbia Cohen was born in 2001, in Nahariya, Israel to an Orthodox Jewish (Religious Zionist) family, she is the third of 5 children. Her mother is a realtor, and her father is a factory supervisor. She has two sisters and two brothers.

The name ‘Shelbia’, given as a middle name, was inherited from her grandmother, as it is believed to protect against the evil eye in her grandmother’s Djerban Jewish community. Yael Shelbia began by uploading selfies she took by herself on Instagram shortly before her 16th birthday. As a result of finding her photos on her Instagram account, she later received an offer to take photos from the professional photographer Marina Moskowitz.

Yael Shelbia Biography

Yael Shelbia studies at a religious Ulpana. Her modelling soon led to controversy and opposition in her Ulpana, which threatened to send a letter to the Israeli Education Ministry to expel her. Her family however, had been supportive of her career, so long as it would not interfere with her religious studies. And after consultation with Israel’s Religious Education Ministry, she was allowed to continue her studies on condition of following certain guidelines. However, combining a modelling career with a religious lifestyle, has led to difficulties, including in terms of modesty of clothing. During a modelling campaign in Milan, she had to live on crackers for four days, as Yael Shelbia could not find glatt kosher food. She says she had lost many modelling contracts, due to her keeping of the Sabbath and choices in clothing.

Yael Shelbia has found it difficult to combine her religious lifestyle, with her career saying to Israel Hayom: “I am a religious person, I believe in God and pray to him, I listen to the Rabbi lectures, I observe Shabbat and Kashrut, but I know that from an external perspective I do not look like I have these traits… I stay in for Shabbat, and when I’m abroad I keep the Shabbat and look for the kosher restaurants to eat there. And most difficult for me on Shabbat, when I’m in a foreign country, is to cut off from my family and friends, even feel a bit lonely, and I can not talk on the phone with my family and friends.”

The speed of the success of her career both in Europe and Israel, has led to comparisons to Shlomit Malka, Dorit Revelis and Sofia Mechetner. Yael Shelbia plans to serve as a soldier in the Israel Defense Forces, rather than doing Sherut Leumi.

In 2018, Yael Shelbia modelled for Kim Kardashian’s brand KKW Beauty, where her photos were chosen by Kim Kardashian.

Yael Shelbia is the joint face of Sirin Lab’s ‘FINNEY’ mobile, alongside Lionel Messi, with whom she appears in their campaigns.

Yael Shelbia Most Beautiful Girl in the World

Yael Shelbia secured the Third position for most Beauty full girl in the worldThylane Blondeau tops The world for most Beauty full girl in the world. American-Filipino actress Liza Soberano landed fourth, while the runner-up was awarded to Taiwanese singer Chou Tzu-yu.

Yael Shelbia Bio

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