Woman accused of strawberry

Woman accused of strawberry contamination to remain behind bars

Woman accused of strawberry

Woman accused of strawberry: The woman defendant of sparking the nationwide fruit contamination crisis by sticking out stitching needles into strawberries can stay behind bars for a minimum of ten days.

Prosecutors opposed the bail application of Caboolture lady My Ut Trinh, 50, World Health Organization appeared in state capital Magistrates Court this morning, as a result of they feared she could suffer retribution from those enraged by her alleged actions.Following a two-month investigation, she was charged on Sunday with seven counts of contamination of products with intent to cause economic loss.


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Solicitor archangel Cridland lodged a bail application, however, withdrew it once adjudicator Christine Roney indicated she was unable to grant bail till a lot of info was renowned regarding the alleged bad person.

Ms Trinh, World Health Organization was born in Vietnam, however, came to Australia as an exile twenty years past, worked at the Berrylicious/Berry Obsession fruit farm in southeast Queensland as a supervisor.

The court detected Ms Trinh was allegedly driven by spite and revenge once she instead needles into strawberries between Sep a pair of and five.

Mr Cridland same the alleged reason for her eager to ask for revenge was “not articulated” by the police.

Arguing for bail, adult male Cridland same the in-depth promotion around the case, including emulator actions throughout Australia, shouldn’t influence his client’s ability to be discharged on bail.

He denied she was a flight risk.

“She has been aware that she has been an individual of interest for over 2 months and she or he has not modified telephone number or address,” he said.

“I may add, others acting on these farms have left the country. She has not.”

Mr Cridland same it had been too early to mention whether or not rhetorical proof, that found Ms Trinh’s deoxyribonucleic acid on a contaminated handbasket of strawberries in Victoria, was an on the spot match or a mixed profile.

Prosecutor Cheryl Tesch same bail was “strongly opposed” as a result of there was a “high risk of witnesses being interfered with”.

She said strawberry farm owner had suffered important loss and reputational harm.

Magistrate Roney same the alleged offending was uncommon.

“It could be a most peculiar thanks to moving promoting or provocative a work grievance, to sabotage associate degree leader,” she said.

The matter can come to court on November twenty-two.

Woman accused of strawberry

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