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William Trotter Wiki – William Trotter Biography

A serial rapist attacked a 17-year-old girl just months after convincing the Parole Board that there was no threat, so she heard that she could be released from life imprisonment for a similar attack 14 years ago.


William Trotter, 39, hit his victim with a sharp object in the head, strangled him until he lost consciousness and brutally raped him in the bushes on a street in Bromley, London.


He refused to rape and kidnap with the intention of committing a sexual crime, but was convicted by a jury at Croydon Crown Court and sentenced to at least 12 years in prison before filing for parole.


Trotter attacked his adolescent victim on March 19, shortly after getting off the N199 bus, both of which headed to Bromley in south London.


He had previously been imprisoned in 2006, but was released last year after a parole board was convinced that there was no longer a risk of sexual crime.


Nine months after he had walked freely, Trotter pulled off his pink face veil and spoke to the girl on the bus. He got off at the same stop as him and pretended to go in the opposite direction, but turned and ran after him.


The girl was passing the Southborough Library bus stop and turned off Southborough Lane towards Turpington Lane. Trotter hit him in the head with a sharp object and grabbed him in the throat.


She screamed but dragged her into the bush and raped her. The residents heard her screams, and the woman staggered and called the police, who arrived four minutes later.


James Thacker, who made the prosecution, said: ‘The scope of the violence used here was maintained and was significant and could possibly be considered extreme.


She was vulnerable and this was known to this defendant when she decided to follow her, kidnap and rape her.


The officers spotted Trotter and chased him into the nearby forest – but he lost sight of him as he ran over a wall into a bay.


The crime was almost the same as he committed 14 years ago. Trotter was drinking strong lager boxes all day before launching his final attack.


He said to him: “I just want to look at you, I don’t know what I’m doing.” “Why you have to be so kind, I can’t do that,” Trotter added before kissing her.


He tried to reason by asking if he had a wife or sister, and lied saying he had two daughters. She pulled her by her hair to the floor, her head hit the wall, and she began to strangle her.


When he told him that he couldn’t breathe, he said ‘I don’t care, I’ll kill you, you’re nothing to me. Trotter dragged him on the ground and told him to kneel as he groped his back and hips.


During the ensuing ordeal, Trotter told him to put his head on his shoulder to look like a normal couple. She raped twice while apologizing to her screaming victim before she ran home and called the police.


Trotter was arrested six days after DNA from the victim’s sperm contained in his underpants matched those in the police file. Trotter admitted four rape charges but claimed he could not recall the attack.


An indefinite sentence was imposed, meaning that he could be held in prison for life. Trotter was first released on June 13, 2014, but committed other crimes, including aggravated vehicle purchase, on October 18 of the same year.


He was sentenced to 20 months in prison and served half of him before his release in June 2019.


Trotter insisted in a series of interviews that he was a changed man, and his freedom was given the right to ‘close viewing’. He fled to Glasgow after the recent attack and lied with a relative about the reason for his sudden appearance.


When the police protested, they said he had a “devil gremlin” tattoo with “Daniel” on his right arm. A Metropolitan Police Service spokesman said there was a “possible line of investigation” that he was wearing the mask to hide his identity rather than repel the coronavirus.


After a nationwide manhunt, Trotter was finally caught on his return to London. Wearing a gray sweatpants and beret, Trotter refused to rape and kidnap with intent to commit a sexual crime, but was convicted by the jury.


Her last victim, reading a testimony from the witness stand, said, ‘I was brutally attacked and raped. I fell into a nightmare that I couldn’t wake up from. It strangled me until I lost consciousness, and that only ended when the police managed to arrive.


This is a feeling that I can only describe as terror and I wouldn’t want it to be my worst enemy. My 18th birthday is ruined. My happy childhood memories were taken from me.


Before the attack I was very confident and assertive. It was all taken from me when William Trotter took away my trust, happiness, and innocence. ‘

Her father, breaking down in tears, said: ‘As a father, I remain the most angry and confused that I have ever been in my life. I do not forgive and I will not forget Trotter.’

Passing sentence, Judge Elizabeth Lowe told the rapist: ‘You identified her as a target within seconds of seeing her.

‘You were chasing after her at speed. When you got within distance of her you struck her with immense power, dragged her into the bushes where you violently raped her.

‘You grabbed her around the throat. Throughout the ordeal, she was drifting in and out of consciousness and you told her to shut up or you would f-king kill her.

‘It was only the arrival of the police that caused you to stop what you were doing.

‘The acts of physical violence that you committed were horrific, her face was covered in blood, her hair was matted from the material of the ground.

‘She emerged from the bushes half-naked with her clothes trailing behind. She was begging for help and begging for her mum.

‘You’ve demonstrated absolutely no remorse for your actions.

‘You evaded the police. You thought you had gotten away with this for a week or so. When you were finally apprehended on 9 April you pretended to be someone else and then tried to escape from the police and were detained.’

Judge Lowe said Trotter had committed the violent sex attack after convincing the parole board he was no longer a risk.

The judge continued: ‘You were subject to close monitoring when you committed this offence. It’s without hesitation that I consider that there are significant risks to members of the public. You are an extremely violent serial sexual predator.

‘A life sentence is clearly well justified in this case. I observe no mitigating features which merit downward adjustment.’

Trotter, from Bromley, was sentenced to life and will serve a minimum of 12 years before he can apply for parole.

He must keep police informed of personal particulars including any address he may live at if ever released from prison.