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Who is John Musbach? (Hire Hitman from web $20k) Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

John Musbach (Hire Hitman from web $20k) Biography – John Musbach Wiki

John Musbach is a New Jersey man who obtained sexually-explicit photos of a 13-year-old boy allegedly tried to hire a hitman to kill him.
In March 2016, John Musbach, 31, reportedly confessed to sending sexually-graphic photos and videos to the victim, along with requesting and receiving explicit images from the victim despite knowing they were underage.
Musbach met the 13-year-old online in the summer of 2015. In September 2015, the victim’s parents learned of the inappropriate communication and contacted authorities in New York, where they lived.
In October 2017, Musbach pleaded guilty to endangering the welfare of a child by sexual contact and received a two-year suspended sentence with lifelong parole supervision. A year-and-a-half before his conviction, he allegedly accessed the Dark Web and paid $20,000 in bitcoin, a cryptocurrency, to have the boy killed.
The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that Musbach tried to hire a hitman on a website called Besa Mafia. While arranging the murder, Musbah allegedly asked whether the child was too young to target.
“Musbach gave messages to the website’s administrator following the hit and asking when it would happen. When federal prosecutors in New Jersey were pressured for an additional $ 5,000 to secure the hit, Musbach eventually tried to cancel and reimburse $ 20,000. asked ”he said.
“The administrator of the website later discovered that the website was a fraud and threatened to expose Musbach’s information to law enforcement.”
Last year, an informant contacted Homeland Security Investigation agents in Minnesota about Musbach. It was reported that the informant gave messages about Mushbach’s correspondence with the rental murder website.
Prosecutors said the agents identified Musbach by tracking the bitcoins used in the illegal transaction to his bank account. It has been reported that he uses the same username on the Dark Website on other platforms.
Musbach was charged with interstate trading facilities on a rental murder commission. He appeared before a federal judge on Thursday.