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Wei Guixian Biography, First known Coronavirus Victim Wei Guixian Wiki

Wei Guixian is a Chinese seafood merchant who was discharged from hospital in early January after paying 70,000 yuan (£8,467) in medical bills. She is one of the first known coronavirus sufferers has been able to return home after recovering from the deadly pathogen.
She is now in good health and has returned to her two-bedroom apartment but her daughter, who tested positive for COVID-19 in mid-January, remains in a field

Wei Guixian Age

She is 57 years old.

Wei Guixian First Illness

She initially went to a private clinic near her home where she was administered with antibiotics on an intravenous drip after doctors believed she was suffering from bronchitis.
But just days later she was admitted to the respiratory ward at the Xiehe Hospital when she began losing consciousness.
Doctors carried out a serious of tests including a throat swab and endoscopies but the street vendor could not be officially diagnosed.
It took weeks before Ms. Wei’s symptoms were connected to those of other cases in the area with many of the sufferers being other market vendors.
Ms. Wei was eventually put into quarantine with doctors administering her treatment from behind face masks.

Wei Guixian Statement about Coronavirus

Ms. Wei now believes that she may have been infected with coronavirus via the toilet she shared with the wild meat sellers on the market.
She said that both vendors on either side of her stall both tested positive for the virus as well as one of her daughters, her niece and her niece’s husband.
Ms. Wei said that ‘a lot fewer people would have died’ in China had the government acted sooner.
There are so far more than 301,463 confirmed cases of coronavirus around the world with 12,911 deaths.

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Wei Guixian was first taken ill at the Hua’nan market in Wuhan on December 10
  • She has since been discharged after paying 70,000 yuan (£8,467) medical bills
  • But her daughter, who also tested positive for COVID-19, remains in a field hospital