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Waytha Moorthy WikiWaytha Moorthy Ponnusamy born 16 July 1966 is a Malaysian politician, lawyer, and activist. Currently, he was appointed as a Senator in the Upper House Dewan Negara of Parliament of Malaysia and serving as the Minister of National Unity and Social Wellbeing. Waytha Moorthy is a Barrister from Lincoln’s Inn and began his career as a lawyer in Malaysia in 1997. Waytha Moorthy’s work involved public interest litigation relating to arbitrary arrests, unlawful deaths in police custody, extrajudicial killings; police abuse of detainees; denial of grant of citizenship status to ethnic Indians born in Malaysia, forced conversion of ethnic Indians to Islam, unlawful demolition of Hindu Temples or places of worship; and denial of government compensation to ethnic Indian Estate/Plantation workers. Much of Waytha’s work was conducted on pro bono work due to a lack of public funds allocated to those areas of the law. Waytha Moorthy is well known among Malaysian Indians as the Founder of HINDRAF and his domestic and international campaign to fight discrimination against Malaysian Hindus.

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Waytha Moorthy Ponnusamy was born on 16 July 1966 to Ponnusamy Arunasalam who was a first generation immigrant. Waytha Moorthy mentioned in his statement of claim that his parents sold their home to finance his studies in the United Kingdom. Waytha Moorthy Ponnusamy also stated that Waytha Moorthy was denied entry into a local university despite having all the requirements purely because he was an Indian.

Formation of Malaysian Advancement Party (MAP)

A new political party has been submitted for registration by its pro-team committee lead by YB Minister Waytha Moorthy with the Registrar of Societies. This party will be called Malaysian Advancement Party (MAP).

The Party’s main objectives amongst others will be to protect, promote and advance the interests of the Malaysian Indian community’s political, economic, educational, cultural, religious and social interests.

With the birth of this political party, there is a hope among the Malaysian Indian community in Malaysia to ensure that there is an effective representation of the Malaysian Indian community and that their interests are protected and advanced.

The party’s direction and vision are to adopt a fundamental rights-based approach for advancement, progressively moving away from state-assisted, welfare and hand-out based community towards community empowerment and resilient.

The values that the party will propagate will include inclusiveness, equality, quality, originality, integrity, and transparency within the government. The party has stated it will work and cooperate with all political parties in Pakatan Harapan to enhance the reform agenda under the new Pakatan Harapan administration.

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