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Wayne Smith Wiki – Wayne Smith Biography

A close encounter with a school of hammerhead sharks was captured on a family boat day.

Wayne Smith and his family were sailing off Hervey Bay in southeast Queensland when they saw the group of sharks on the weekend.


He filmed the incredible interaction as five sharks leapt around and even floated to their boats in half-meter deep waters, 7NEWS reported.


Sharks can be observed in great detail in the clear waters of the Great Sandy Strait, between mainland Queensland and Fraser Island.


Images of Mr Smith first captured a herd of sharks swimming together in the distance.


Wow, maybe there are more than four. He could be heard saying, ‘Wow, look at the dimensions.


Before the five hammerhead sharks approached the family’s boat, their fins were floating like a pod in the air.


In close-up, it showed a hammerhead shark with its fin stuck in the air swimming right next to the family’s boat.


He’s coming straight to the boat, look at him. This is a huge sacred thing, ‘said one woman.


Another shark was gliding in the crystal clear water, following the hammerhead closely.


The family continued to watch the sharks leap around the boat.


The children could be heard shouting “wow” in awe.


“I think that’s about seven feet,” Mr. Smith said.


The Great Sand Gorge stretches for 70 km and is known for thriving marine life thanks to a complex landscape of sandboxes, mangroves and stream networks.


It is an important habitat produced by fish, dugongs, dolphins and turtles.


Hammerhead sharks have distinctly flat-shaped heads that help them find prey.


Their wide eyes give them a better field of vision than most sharks


They are found in temperate and tropical waters around the world and are known to swim both in the sea and near the coastline.


Hammerheads often seek cooler waters in mass migration groups.


They are gray-brown to olive green in appearance and are easily distinguished by an extra long and pointed dorsal fin.


Sharks have an average lifespan of 20 to 30 years in the wild.


Adult hammerheads can grow in size from four to six feet


Most hammerheads are quite small and harmless to humans.

Source: National Geographic