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Wayne McManus Wiki – Wayne McManus Biography

A fisherman captured gruesome footage of a huge herd of hungry sharks chasing the trawler.


Wayne McManus captured gruesome footage of his boat, Vicki Wayne, early Friday morning, just 5km off the Gold Coast Seaway.


The terrifying image shows dozens of bronze whalers up to three meters tall, illuminated by a spotlight leading towards Mr. McManus’s boat.


Mr. McManus is among the few fishing boat operators who say more sharks have been caught in popular offshore waters than ever before.


He told Sunrise: “I’ve been fishing for more than 30 years, and it seems to be increasing every year.”


Mr. McManus said the sharks learned to follow trawlers and nets as they surfaced to feast on the scraps behind the boat.


Boat captain David Batge said that the excessive shark volume following the boats was constant.


‘Nightly. They are always there, ‘he said. I could not count how many but this is fascinating.


Mr. McManus uploaded his images to Facebook on Saturday to show his friends the terrible scope of hunters lurking on the shores.


“Just because they don’t believe you so they can see how many are there,” he said.


Comments on the post were shocked to see the sharks jockey for the closest position behind Mr. McManus’ boat.


If you fall into the sea there is no luck in hell. Turning the deck lights on is like ringing the dinner bell for them, ” he writes.


Another wrote, “You can go out and cross.”


I will never surf in Queensland again, ‘he says in a third post.