Walter Mercado Biography

Popular Astrologist Dies: Walter Mercado (Shanti Ananda) Biography, Wiki, Death and Cause, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Walter Mercado Biography

Walter Mercado Salinas also knew by his stage name Shanti Ananda, was a Puerto Rican astrologer, actor, dancer, and writer, best known as a television personality for his shows as an astrologer. His astrology predictions show aired for decades in Puerto Rico, Latin America, and the United States.

Walter Mercado Age

He was 87 years old.

Walter Mercado Quick Bio

BornMarch 9, 1932, Ponce, Puerto Rico
DiedNovember 2, 2019
EducationUniversity of Puerto Rico
BooksBeyond the Horizon: Visions of the New Millennium
NationalityAmerican, Puerto Rican
ParentsAída Salinas, José María Mercado

Walter Mercado Early years

Mercado was born on 9 March 1932, in Ponce, Puerto Rico, where he spent his early childhood. His parents were José María Mercado, from San Germán, Puerto Rico, and Aída Salinas from Catalonia, Spain.

Walter Mercado Education

Mercado attended university majoring in pedagogy, psychology, and pharmacy, and used these skills to teach others, to study the human mind and to learn about the healing properties of medicinal plants.

Walter Mercado Personal life, Relationships

In 2003 he announced that he maintained a “spiritual relationship” with the Brazilian actress and dancer Mariette Detotto, with whom he shared a TV program. He always maintained his residence in Puerto Rico.

Walter Mercado Professional career

Walter Mercado Dancing

Mercado Salinas studied singing and had a talent for dancing. He also studied classical ballet, as well as modern ballet. He was one of the most prolific dancers in Puerto Rico. He was the dancing partner of comedian Velda González.

Walter Mercado Acting

Walter Mercado worked as an actor in the Puerto Rican telenovelas Un adiós en el Recuerdo (A Farewell to the Memory) and Larga Distancia (Long Distance), and also had a dramatic arts school called Walter Actors Studio 64.

Walter MercadoAstrology

His television debut as an artist came when Puerto Rican producer Elín Ortíz invited him to perform on his television show when a guest artist did not appear. Walter Mercado was at the station and Ortiz asked Mercado to use the scheduled 15-minute assignment for the other guest, to make astrological predictions with colorful and extravagant robes. After that, Mercado became a regular in the program making astrological predictions.

In 1970, Mercado began his regular segment of astrology at The Show of 12. He improved his studies with a formal study in astrology, tarot and other occult sciences. Mercado organized a weekly astrology television program on WKAQ-TV, Channel 2 / Telemundo. After several years, when the network changed its programming, Mercado moved its program to WRIK-TV (channel 7 in Ponce) where it presented it for many years. Westinghouse was a constant and long-standing sponsor. In the 1980s, his program was seen on several television channels in Latin America and the United States. When Tommy Muñiz bought WRIK-TV, Mercado stayed for two years and then moved his program to WKBM-TV, Channel 11 / Tele Once (later renamed WLII-TV / Univision). In addition to the television programs, Mercado also wrote his predictions for newspapers, magazines and websites. He was a syndicated writer in the Miami Herald. It also appears in several radio segments.

In 1986, Mercado was awarded the title of Mr. Television by the Association of Chroniclers of the New York Show (Association of Latino Entertainment Critics of New York). At the end of the 1980s, Mercado had written seven books, of which, “Beyond the Horizon”, which were published in three languages ​​(Spanish, English and Portuguese).

From the mid-1990s until 2010, the Mercado program was broadcast on the Univision network throughout the Americas, but on January 8, 2010, after a fifteen-year relationship, he announced that he and Univision had separated. It is currently managed by businessman Bill Bakula. From 1994 to 2009, it also appeared in First Impact, which is broadcast on the Univision network in the United States.

In 2014, Walter Mercado established a business partnership with Entertainment Events AZ, a mobile application development and marketing company based in Phoenix. In 2014 he presented his dating site and his “Captivating Line”, which consists of Zodiac soaps, body lotions, body mists, scented candles and jewelry with beads. On February 2, 2015, Walter Mercado and Entertainment Events AZ launched The site was developed to allow millions of Mercado fans the opportunity to listen to their daily horoscopes, get tarot readings, zodiac compatibility, predictions and ask Walter Mercado questions. His website received more than 1 million visits in the first month.

In May 2015, Walter Mercado and Entertainment Events AZ launched mobile applications for iOS (iTunes) and the Android market. In less than two months, the applications ranked No. 2 in Mexico for entertainment applications and 144 in the United States. In October 2015, Mercado announced its predictions for 2016 available on its official website

Mercado continues to make public appearances while its web property and mobile applications and are managed by Entertainment Events AZ.

Walter Mercado Name change Shanti Ananda

In October 2010, Mercado changed his name to “Shanti Ananda”, a translation in Sanskrit of “peace happiness.” He says a “being of light” imparted a spiritual revelation to him, which he refers to as his “authentic mystic name.”

Walter Mercado Legal challenge

In January 2012, Mercado lost a lawsuit against Bart Enterprises International, for which he was trying to prevent from using his name and likeness in future commercial ventures. Mercado, who signed a contract with the company in 1995 severed with the company in 2006, which resulted in litigation being filed by both parties against each other. Chief Judge Sandra Lynch of the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit ruled that Bart Enterprises can continue using Mercado’s name and likeness in future commercial projects. When asked about his legal case over the rights to his name he replied, “I worked for many years, and gave some releases without thinking much about human wickedness.”

Walter Mercado Health condition and recovery

In January 2012, Mercado was flown to Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio, with cardiac problems. He said he “had gone and seen death and came back to life again”. Since the experience he said he has changed. He said he wants to work with Puerto Rican youth, plans to establish the Shanti Ananda foundation, create a mystic center, and donated three of his lavish capes to a museum. Most of his sumptuous capes had already been sold at auctions.

Walter Mercado Death, Walter Mercado Cause of Death

The Puerto Rican astrologer died Saturday night at the Auxilio Mutuo Hospital in San Juan, Omar Matos, a family spokesman confirmed to Telemundo Puerto Rico.

Matos said the cause of death was due in part to “apparent renal failure” around 9 p.m.

During the month of October, it was learned that Mercado Salinas was in a delicate state of health.

This week, the “Dando Candela” host Fernan Vélex said that Mercado had been held at the San Juan hospital, but that he was stable and showed a slight improvement.