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Walter Forbes Wiki – Walter Forbes Biography

A man from Michigan, who spent more than 37 years in prison for a murder he did not commit, was finally released after admitting that a key witness lied last month.


Walter Forbes, 63, traveled freely from the province’s Kinross Penitentiary Institution, where he spent 37 years following his unjust conviction for murder and arson on November 20.


Forbes was arrested in 1982 and sentenced to life in prison after a man named Dennis Hall died in an intentionally burned apartment fire.


The Detroit Free Press reported that Forbes became a suspect in the case after it was revealed that he broke up the bar fight between Hall and another man.


The day after Hall ended the fight, he continued to shoot Forbes. Hall died shortly after an intentional fire broke out in his apartment.


Police immediately considered Forbes a suspect due to recent controversy.


The testimony of a woman named Annice Kennebrew helped convict Forbes.


Kennebrew, a key witness to the prosecution, said he saw Forbes and two other people throw gasoline into the apartment and set it on fire.


Due to inconsistencies in his testimony, one of the others was acquitted and his charges dropped after the other passed the lie detector.


Forbes was the only prisoner his lawyers claimed were the result of their arguments with the victim.


Kennebrew finally appeared in 2017 and admitted that he lied, according to court documents.


The judge ordered the evidence hearing held in February this year, when Kennebrew stated that he did not see Forbes the night the fire occurred.


He said he made false allegations, after two local men threatened to harm him and his family if Forbes did not commit crime.


Kennebrew will not make false statements because of his false testimony because the limitation period is six years.


Upon his release, Forbes said he was ‘grateful for doing the right thing, finally telling the truth,’ despite Kennebrew’s lies condemning him.


Prosecutors later learned that the owner of the apartment, David Jones, had been previously convicted of an arson conspiracy in a nearby county in 1990.


Confessing to conspiring with Jones in the second fire, the two men told the police that Forbes was unfairly linked to the fire.


Jones, who received $ 50,000 in insurance payment from the first fire, died before the Michigan Innocence Clinic handled Forbes’ case in 2010.