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Vukile Mehana Bio: The African National Congress ANC says it will look into the controversy surrounding its Chaplain-General Reverend Vukile Mehana.

The party pulled Mehana out of its January eighth celebrations planned for Durban one week from now.

This comes after a sound account making the rounds via web-based networking media uncovers a discussion between Mehana and Raymond Sibangaexpressing misogynists remarks about ladies in the service.

The men are heard impacting ladies ministers, proposing that their sexual orientation personality makes them unequipped for playing out the job.

Mehana has since experienced harsh criticism with the perspectives being denounced by the Methodist Church and the South African Board of Temples.

ANC acting representative Zizi Kodwa stated: “We are concerned, that is for what reason we’re stating in the explanation that we’ve noted with disillusionment. The ANC initiative will before long talk about the issue and if there is a conceivable contender for substitution. We would prefer not to manage the issue and the coming occasions of the ANC. The congregation has acknowledged our thought that he ought not direct the up and coming occasions of the ANC.”

Vukile Mehana Bio

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