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Mass Shooting at Municipal Center Virginia Beach: Virginia Beach Active Shooter Near Courthouse, Suspect Arrersted

Virginia Beach Active Shooter

An active shooter situation broke out at the Virginia Beach municipal center, building 2, near the courthouse, and there are multiple victims, according to Virginia Beach police.

That’s next to city hall, where the Department of Public Works is located. Other offices, such as those dealing with zoning issues, are also located in building 2. One journalist on WAVY-TV said from the scene that an officer told him “this is bad.” NBC 12 reported that there were “mounting numbers of people injured,” at least six wounded at two different hospitals. Journalist Jason Marks reported that the suspect is dead and was a city worker who was recently fired.

“ACTIVE SHOOTER SITUATION-municipal center, building 2. Multiple injuries. At this time it is believed that only 1 shooter, and they have been taken into custody. More to follow,” Virginia Beach police reported on Twitter on the late afternoon of May 31, 2019. It’s not clear how many people are deceased or wounded in the mass shooting incident.

At 5 p.m. on the east coast, officers were still searching the municipal building and finding people hid

Authorities had yet to confirm exactly what was going on, in detail, but local news reports indicated the courthouse was locked down. Scanner traffic from responding law enforcement officers referred to possible casualties, a barricaded suspect, and people hiding inside.

“We have citizens bringing a casualty out now,” authorities said on the scanner. They referred to a “barricade situation.” They also referred to “victims who are either ambulatory or alive.” At least two victims were reported. A gunshot victim needed a medic in a stairwell. Authorities indicated on the scanner that they were on the second floor from where the suspect was hiding; they also indicated they had the suspect in custody.

ing. “Looking for wounded who need to be moved out,” an officer said on the scanner. Officers then said the situation had stabilized.

NBC12 reporter Eric Perry wrote on Twitter that journalists at the scene could hear gunshots. “Hearing reports of a possible active shooter situation at the Virginia Beach Municipal Center. We are monitoring the situation. Reporters on scene say they are hearing gunshots,” he wrote. He said, contrary to other reports, that the shooting situation was “NOT the COURTHOUSE but in Building 2.” You can see a map of the complex here.

“We are still actively clearing the building for victims and secondary suspects,” an officer said on the scanner earlier on.

Here’s what you need to know:

There Was a Rush of Law Enforcement Activity to the Virginia Beach Courthouse

“We’re working the incident now,” authorities said on the scanner. You can listen to the live scanner audio here.

Kofo Lasaki, a reporter for WTKR-TV, wrote on Twitter on the late afternoon of May 31, 2019: “BREAKING: Police say they are working an active incident at the Virginia Beach Courthouse. The courthouse is on lockdown and officers are out with their guns drawn @WTKR3.”

People reported a flurry of law enforcement activity. “Just passed 15 cop cars headed to courthouse on Princess Anne rd.. nice,” wrote one person on Twitter.

“There is a shooter still shooting through a door on the third floor of what im assuming is the apartments behind Harris Teeter by the courthouse,” wrote another. She also wrote: “AVOID THE COURTHOUSE AREA AT ALL COSTS. There’s an active shooter situation occurring right now and all of the cops in Virginia Beach are flying down Nimmo Parkway.”

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Mass Shooting at Municipal Center Virginia Beach: Virginia Beach Active Shooter Near Courthouse, Suspect Arrersted

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