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Violet Juarez (‘Little angel,’ 3, struck, killed) Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Violet Juarez (‘Little angel,’ 3, struck, killed) Biography – Violet Juarez Wiki

Violet Juarez ‘Little angel,’ 3, struck, killed by father’s truck near Palm Springs.
Violet Juarez ‘was always happy. Always smiling,’ her mother said.\
Little Violet Juarez’s father never saw the 3-year-old until it was too late.
When Jesus Juarez started to pull away in the giant 2020 Dodge Ram he’d just rented, he thought his 3-year-old daughter already had run into her grandmother’s home near Palm Springs.
She hadn’t.
“It was just crazy. She decided to run,” Lisa Motta, the girl’s mother, told The Palm Beach Post on Friday, her voice choking.
“In seconds … ”
Authorities say the girl died Thursday night, just hours after she was run over and became pinned under the large truck.
“She was a very energetic little girl. She was always happy. Always smiling.” Lisa Motta said. “She loved to dance. She loved to sing. She loved painting her little toenails.”
At about 6 p.m.. Thursday, according to the family and a Palm Beach County Sheriff Office’s report, Juarez, 28, pulled up to the home of Lisa Motta’s mother, on Gulfstream Road, just north of Atlantis Country Club and just south of the Palm Springs village limits.
Motta and Violet, who live in the Boynton Beach area in the truck, and her older sister and brother Mott, who live in Greenacres, had three children with her boyfriend Juarez.
“It’s just a normal quit,” Lisa Motta said.
Juarez said recently had an accident and rented the big truck.
He was a great Aries. You couldn’t see anyone, he said, “He thought everyone was home.”
The children rushed towards their grandmother in front of her house. Violet stumbled across the truck as the report made a U-turn in Juarez.
Lisa Motta replied, “When I see him, ‘Stop!’ They were shouting, “he said. I grabbed it, picked it up and put it in the van.
Lisa Motta said the family went with Violet to the JFK Medical Center in Atlantis, just minutes away.
According to the PBSO report, it was stated that a Trauma Hawk helicopter flew her daughter to Delray Medical Center where she died at 8.30 am.
His voice was muffled, said Motta, who turned 3 years old at the end of May, “he would sleep happily. Wake up happy.
He was a perfect little angel.