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Viola Desmond Biography, Wiki, Age, Parents, Siblings, Cause of Death, Family, Bill, Quotes and Facts

Viola Desmond Bio

Viola Desmond Bio: Viola Desmond born Viola Irene Davis, was a Canadian Business owner and journeyman. She was born on july six, 1914 in Halifax, star Scotia, Canada and died on Feb seven, 1965 in new york, New York, u. s. aged fifty.

After graduating from high school, Desmond worked as a lecturer in Black colleges. Black girls in Nova Scotia were restricted from getting to beauty salons and finding out beauty culture, thus Desmond attended colleges in Montreal and the big apple. once she obtained her diplomas she opened a salon and eventually a beauty faculty.

On Nov eight, 1946, throughout a business trip to New Glasgow, star Scotia, she intimate automotive other. whereas awaiting her automotive to be repaired, she took in an exceedingly moving picture at Roseland Theatre, that was sequestered with the main floor for white patrons and a balcony for black patrons. Unaware of the segregation policy, Desmond proceeded to the most floor. She was ordered by the manager to travel to the balcony.

When Desmond refused, the manager known as the police. She was physically ejected from the theatre by the police officer and therefore the manager, inflicting injury to her hip. the subsequent morning she was brought before the native functionary. The north American nation had no formal segregation laws, however individual provinces like star Scotia enacted them. it had been additionally common observe for the New Glasgow theatre to assign tickets supported race with associate amusement tax determined by seat location. Those buying a downstairs price ticket paid a tax of 3 cents whereas patrons within the balcony paid a tax of 2 cents. Ironically Desmond was charged with evasion for her failure to pay the correct tax for a downstairs price ticket. She was, consistent with prosecutors, one cent short.

Desmond was guilty and penalized twenty bucks and court prices. once word of her scenario reached Halifax, the black community raised funds to rent legal counsel for Desmond to launch associate charm of her finding of fact. at the start members of the star, Scotia Association for the Advancement of colored folks (NSAACP) feared a racist backlash debated whether or not to help her. Eventually, they did, however, were defeat once the star Scotia Supreme Court pink-slipped the appliance for review in 1947.

Viola Desmond Age

She was born on July 6, 1914, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and died on February 7, 1965 in New York, New York, United States aged 50.

Viola Desmond Parents

She was the daughter of James Albert and Gwendolin Irene Davis. She was from a middle-class mixed-race family; her mother was white and her father black.

Viola Desmond Siblings

She had nine siblings: Olive Scott, Helen Flint, Alan Davis, Constance Scott, Wanda Robson, Eugenie Parris, Emily Clyke, John Davis, and Gordon Davis.

Viola Desmond Death

She died on February 7, 1965, in New York, New York, United States.

Viola Desmond Cause of Death

Viola died of Gastrointestinal bleeding.

Viola Desmond Nationality

She was Canadian.

Viola Desmond 10 Dollar

Starting in 2018, Viola Desmond is going to be the first Canadian woman to be featured on a regularly circulating Canadian ten-dollar bill