Vaughan Dowd Biography

Man who painted ‘No Blacks’ Jailed 1 Year: Vaughan Dowd Bio, Wiki, Age, Black Man (Jackson Yamba) Fast Facts You Need to Know

Vaughan Dowd Biography

Vaughan Dowd, 54, painted the front door of the home of solicitor Jackson Yamba, 38, just five days after he moved in.

Vaughan Dowd Biography

The dad had come from a neighboring block to the same flats where the defendant lived in Irlams o’ the’ Height in Salford, Greater Manchester.

Vaughan Dowd Jailed

The 55-year-old was jailed this afternoon at Manchester Crown Court after vandalizing three doors with white paint.

Dowd unleashed the racist slogan just five days after his victims moved into the flat after relocating form a neighboring block.

Vaughan Dowd Family, Children

Dowd, a single man with no children, led a ‘sad life’, spending his time working then drinking alcohol and watching television, and ‘Brexit and immigration’ was ‘playing on his mind’ at the time, the court heard.

Vaughan Dowd Biography

But Mr. Yumba disagreed and said after the hearing: ‘It’s nothing to do with Brexit, it’s just racism.’

After seeing the graffiti he left home for work and school and his son became tearful and Mr. Yamba said the attack had left him fearful and angry.

The same graffiti was also daubed in the same white paint on an internal communal door and the entry door to the block of flats.

Dowd, a self-employed gardener, pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to a single count of racially aggravated criminal damage on February 8. In a psychiatric report, Mr Dowd said: ‘I am in a tragic position. I have only myself to blame and I cannot argue myself. I am a grey man who keeps his head down and carries on my life as a gardener.’

Manchester Police initially told Mr Yamba they did not have the resources to investigate. The force has since apologized.

Speaking to Victoria Derbyshire on BBC Radio 4 at the time of the incident, young David said: ‘I was terrified because my dad told me to come out, but I wanted to stay indoors because I thought someone was waiting or something was going to happen.

‘Usually, in our other house I would get up, brush my teeth and then get breakfast and I would go to school. But I can’t do it right now at this moment, because I’m too scared in case they’re going to come back and do something worse.

‘When police finally arrived I felt more comfortable that they were searching for the person who had done, or just expected to have done this. Because at the start I thought they were still waiting there, but when the police came and they said they were looking for the person, I felt more comfortable.’

Mr. Yamba told the program: ‘When David finished school, he came home, he was asking me the same question: ‘Daddy, when will the police becoming, when will the police becoming?’.

‘I had no answer really to give David at the time but we waited. After all the week the police never attended. So it was only because I tweeted. Because I felt really, really left, because we couldn’t sleep.’

Dowd covered his face during the attack but was caught by the CCTV installed in the flats and by police checking the record of key-fob entries to the housing association apartment block, Manchester Magistrates’ Court heard.

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Vaughan Down unleashed racist slogan using white paint across three doors 
  • The vile display came just five days after his victims had moved into the address  
  • The racist, 55, was jailed for 12 months today at Manchester Crown Court  

Vaughan Dowd Biography