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Vanina Guerrero Wiki

Vanina Guerrero Wiki

Vanina Guerrero is a lawyer from Lexington Ave # 15, New York, NY 10017, United States. She works for a multinational law firm Silicon Valley. She accused Louis Lehot, a top Silicon Valley lawyer who is her boss at the firm of sexual assault in a letter to her bosses and a filing to a federal agency.

Vanina Guerrero Boss Louis Lehot

The complaint names Louis Lehot, a DLA Piper co-managing partner of the $2.8 billion multinational firm’s Silicon Valley office, as her abuser, according to

Vanina Guerrero took her grievances to the US Equal Opportunity Commission. She alleged gender discrimination, including ‘quid pro quo’ and hostile-environment sexual harassment, and that she was retaliated against.

Vanina Guerrero Complaint

Vanina Guerrero charged in a complaint to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on Tuesday that she was attacked by Louis Lehot two weeks after she joined the DLA Piper law firm in September 2018.

The young attorney’s complaint alleges that Lehot had recruited her in September 2018 from her plum position as general counsel for an Asian telecommunications firm, calling her a ‘star’ and promising that she would rise up the ranks quickly. He told her ‘you’ll be my boss soon,’ she recalled.

By November, the complaint alleges she had already suffered the four sexual assaults.

‘I went from working in Hong Kong as general counsel and the top female executive at a global tech company to being abused by [the partner],’ she wrote in her open letter.

Lehot, on a business trip in Shanghai, asked Guerrero to join him in his hotel room to discuss business matters, she claims. At the time, he had had several glasses of wine, and offered her a foot massage, according to the complaint.

Vanina Guerrero Letter to Firm

Guerrero wrote an open letter to the firm Wednesday, asking to be released from mandatory arbitration, indicating that she’d rather file a civil claim against Lehot for assault, battery, and sexual harassment.

Vanina Guerrero Silicon Valley Law Firm

Guerrero was hired to work out of the firm’s Silicon Valley practice after previously working for Reliance Communications, a telecommunications firm that is part of the Indian conglomerate Reliance Group, and its internet and technology subsidiary.

It wasn’t until after joining DLA Piper’s Silicon Valley office, and suffering the alleged abuse, that she suffered ‘such humiliation and harm simply because of my gender.’

‘No female working at DLA Piper… should be forced to litigate claims involving sexual assault and battery or sexual harassment by male lawyers in secret,’ she wrote. ‘Female employees at DLA Piper deserve to know about what happened.’

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Vanina Guerrero, a junior partner at DLA Piper alleged she was sexually assaulted by Louis Lehot, a top lawyer and co-managing partner at the firm
  • Guerror says Lehot recruited her, promising she would rise up the ranks, but later sexually assaulted her in Shanghai,  Brazil, Chicago and Pal Alto, California
  • After complaining to other partners, she claimed nothing was done, prompting her to file a complaint with the US Equal Opportunity Commission 
  • In an open letter to the firm, she asks to be removed from mandatory arbitration and indicates she’d rather sue her abuser