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Vanessa Ceja-Ramirez was a 22-year-old woman who was brutally attacked and killed in a nature preserve near Chicago and police are looking for the killer.

Vanessa Ceja-Ramirez was in Midlothian Meadows Forest with her mother and a friend on November 2, according to The Associated Press. According to the AP report, when Ceja-Ramirez decided to get back in the car halfway through the walk, three women were walking along one of the paths of the reserve.


But at one point between leaving her mother and friend and arriving at the car, Ceja-Ramirez was attacked.


However, this was initially unknown. For two days the only known thing was that Ceja-Ramirez was missing. When her mother and friend got back to the car, Ceja-Ramirez was not there and could not be reached by phone. Her mother reported a loss in which she described her daughter’s brown eyes and long brown hair with bangs as 1.55 and 115 pounds.


According to The Daily Mail, on November 4, a group of volunteers who helped search efforts in the protected area found the partially burned body of Ceja-Ramirez. The Medical Examiner said that the university student was killed by ligament strangulation and raped.


However, the Cook County Medical Examination Office told Heavy that they are only allowed to post preliminary information at this time; That said, the death of Ceja-Ramirez was considered a murder by ligament strangling, which meant he was strangled with a rope, rope, or something else. can be wrapped around the neck.


Fox News reported that the young woman was set on fire, as did Andrew Holmes, a well-known Chicago community activist.


He told ABC 7 in Chicago: “Basically the information we got, Vanessa drowned. She was tortured. It’s so shocking. No one should be tortured, beaten or burned, ”said Holmes.


The body of Ceja-Ramirez was found in the Bremen Grove area of ​​the park, about four miles west from where it was last seen, the Chicago Tribune reported.


Investigators received a ping from Ceja-Ramirez’s phone, located near an apartment building two miles from where he disappeared in an area called Oak Forest, but “a police toilet found nothing,” ABC 7 reports.


While the investigation was open, the Cook County Sheriff’s Office told Heavy that they would not comment on the case other than the statement they released on November 5th, which can be read at the end of this article. The statement does not provide any clue as to who might have committed such a heinous crime.


There is a pattern of unsolved murders by drowning in the Chicago area since 2001, according to CBS Chicago.


“… Their bodies were found in vacant lots, abandoned buildings and side streets. Some were thrown into rubbish bins and some even set on fire; they all drowned, ”CBS Chicago wrote. The news outlet received assistance from the Murder Responsibility Project while investigating a possible serial killer who was tracking Chicago.


The Murder Liability Project found a review of more than 50 drowning or drowning murder cases from 2001 to 2019: “This is actually a serial killer detector, and for many years our algorithm has been signaling a red alert about a series of drownings in Chicago. Its director, Thomas Hargrove, told CBS Chicago.


In these cases, women were often prostitutes or drug addicts, and while Ceja-Ramirez did not fit that pattern – she was a teacher’s assistant and a college student taking a walk in the woods with her mother – the drama’s justification. killers are opportunistic.


Alejandro Villegas, the uncle of the murdered woman, described her nephew to ABC 7: “He is just someone we believe in, our future is in his hands, like most of our children here. He was a humble, smiling, shy sweet boy. He was a good person. And he deserved nothing of it.” ”


The Cook County Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone with any information about what happened to Ceja-Ramirez to call 708-865-4896.


You can read the full statement below from the Cook County Sheriff’s Office:


Yesterday, an autopsy conducted by the Cook County Medical Examination Office determined that 22-year-old Vanessa Ceja Ramirez from Harvey died from suffocation and her death was considered murder.


Ceja Ramirez was reported missing Monday afternoon after she disappeared from the Midlothian Meadows Forest Reserve.


With the help of the Cook County Forest Protection District Police, the Sheriff’s Bureau, and other local law enforcement agencies, he searched the forest reserve area on Monday evening. A Sheriff Police K9 unit was able to detect a trace of smell, but the trail was dispersed and the search failed.