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Tyson Steele Biography

Tyson Steele has been rescued after surviving more than three weeks in the Alaskan wilderness with little food and shelter. Tyson, who was rescued by helicopter on Thursday, said his cabin – located 30km (20 miles) from the nearest neighbor – was incinerated in mid-December, and his beloved dog Phil died in the blaze.

Tyson Steele had not had proper shelter in weeks. In fact, it had been more than 20 days since an inferno ignited in his remote Alaskan cabin, driving him into the subzero temperatures and snow, killing his dog and leaving Mr. Steele to fend for himself.

A 30-year-old homesteader originally from Utah, Mr. Steele was rescued by a helicopter team on Thursday, the Alaska State Troopers said in an eight-page report. The authorities posted a video of the rescue on Facebook.

Tyson Steele Age

He is 30 years old

Tyson Steel Found Safe

He lived on canned foods that survived the blaze and made a basic tent out of debris in the sub-zero temperatures.
Authorities only found Mr. Steele after concerned family members asked them to check on him.

Tyson Steel House Fire

The fire ignited hundreds of rounds of ammunition and a propane tank in the cabin – stored near the food supply. “It was like a war zone,” Mr. Steele said.
He shoveled snow on the blaze for hours, but could not save the shelter.
He gathered what cans of food had survived – many had popped open in the heat, and he said all the food ended up tasting like burning plastic – and spent the first two nights in a snow cave. He then fashioned a basic tent from scraps of tarpaulin, built in a dome around the woodstove.
“It is by no means a cosy cabin that I was able to put together,” he said. “It just took the edge off.”

Tyson Steel Video

He had written an SOS message in the snow by the remains of his house, and video released by Alaska State Troopers shows the moment of his rescue.
Police have released their interview with Mr Steele, in which he told the story of his survival and rescue.