Twins Father Shot Dead: Tyrese Garvin Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Tyrese Garvin Wiki

Tyrese Garvin Wiki

Tyrese Garvin Wiki

Tyrese Garvin was shot multiple times on June 23 after leaving University Hospital in Louisville, according to CNN affiliate WAVE. He was present as his children were being born at the University Hospital in Louisville last Sunday. He spent several days in the ICU in the same hospital where his babies, a boy and a girl, were in the maternity ward.

“He was very excited at becoming a father,” a family member named Gail told the station. “Then, something like this happens and his children will never get to know him. That’s sad.”

Tyrese Garvin Age

He was 20 years old.

Tyrese Garvin Death

But tragedy struck hours later. As he was walking home, the proud father was gunned down in what police said was a random shooting.

Garvin was taken back to the exact same hospital where his twins had been born where he lay in intensive care for several days.

He was treated for multiple gunshot wounds to his body and head but there was little that could be done to help him.

Tyrese Garvin Suspect Killer Arrested

Louisville Metro Police have arrested three juveniles between the ages of 14 and 17 in connection with the shooting. Their names have not been released.

Police Statements

At a press conference on Thursday, homicide Lieutenant Emily McKinley mentioned Garvin’s shooting as she told how the city had been experiencing a recent increase in drive-by shootings and related car thefts carried out by teenagers over the past few weeks, the Courier Journal reported.

Tyrese Garvin GoFundMe Page

Garvin’s family has created a GoFundMe page to help pay for his medical bills and, now, his funeral costs.

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • He was shot while walking home from the hospital after the birth of his twins, has passed away 
  • Garvin was the victim of a random shooting as he left the hospital last Sunday
  • He had been on life support in the intensive care unit at the same hospital where his children were born 
  • His family took the babies to visit their dad before his life support was turned off
  • Three teenagers aged 14 to 17 were arrested in the days after Garvin’s shooting