Mom Killed 20 Months Old Son: Trinity Pittman Biography, Wiki, Conner Perry, Age, Son, Boyfriend (Jeremy Davis), Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Trinity Pittman Biography

Trinity Pittman Biography

Trinity Grace Pittman is from Palmetto. She was arrested on Saturday on counts of felony murder and first-degree child cruelty. Pittman allegedly confessed to beating her 20-month-old son, Conner Perry, to death for soiling his diaper

Trinity Grace Pittman Age

She is 23 years old.

Trinity Grace Pittman Stabbed to Death Her Son Conner Perry

Hours after the beating, Pittman went to work, leaving Conner and his four-year-old brother in the care of his friend, Jeremy Davis, 24.

The friend later called Pittman and told him that Conner woke up with vomiting and difficulty breathing.

Pittman took his 20-month-old son Conner Perry to an emergency room at a hospital in Newnan on Friday night and said he had fallen off a trampoline.

However, the medical staff at Piedmont Newnan Hospital began to suspect as the child’s injuries were incompatible with this story.

Later, Conner was transferred to Children’s Healthcare in Atlanta, where he died from his injuries at 23 o’clock.

Investigation reports

Pittman allegedly lied to Davis about Conner’s trampoline accident.

The boy also had a broken jaw, cuts, and bruises on his face, several teeth were missing and his brain was bleeding.

According to the search warrants for Channel 11 Alive, Conner’s abdominal cavity was full of blood and his lungs were full of fluids.

Arrest warrants indicate that Pittman then confessed to having molested the boy several times over the dirty diaper. At one point during the attack, Conner fell and hit his head against the ground, then fell asleep, the boy’s mother said.

An autopsy report found that Conner Perry‘s body also showed signs of old injuries, Fox 5 Atlanta reported.

Trinity Pittman Charges

She was accused of murdering her 20-month-old son and telling investigators that she had beaten the boy because she was angry because she had stained his diaper.

Quick facts you need to know

Trinity Pittman was charged with crimes of murder and child abuse
It was alleged that Pittman had beaten his 20-month-old son, Conner Perry, with blows because he had stained his diaper.
When he took him to the hospital, Pittman said the boy had been injured when he fell off the trampoline.
Doctors noticed that Conner had a brain hemorrhage, a broken jaw, missing teeth and cuts and bruises on his face.
The autopsy report found that the victim’s body showed signs of old wounds.