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3-year-old Dies after mother’s boyfriend tortures her: Trinity Chandler, Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Murder, Death

Trinity Chandler, Biography, Wiki, Age

Samuel Lester Smart is accused of torturing 3-year-old Trinity Chandler, inside a home Saturday in Groveland Township. According to prosecutors, Smart is the boyfriend of Trinity’s mother. The mother was working an overnight shift at a nursing home when the incident occurred.


Trinity Chandler is dead and police say it happened at the hands of her mother’s boyfriend a day after Children’s Protective Services checked up on her.

The CPS visited the house Friday and checked the boy. Social workers reportedly saw bruising at Trinity, but they decided to evict her from the house.


Ashley Brown, mother of Trinity’s friends, said she reported child abuse to ABC 7 months ago and sent photos of Trinity’s injuries to both the CPS and the state police.


To me, it seemed like two black eyes healing. “It was two,” Brown said.


“October was when I made a report with MSP, a few months ago I saw it with scars under his eyes. It was blatant harassment. They could take him to a safe place until the investigation was over. “


Brown added that although the documented abuse dates back months ago, the CPS continues to leave Trinity with its mother, which will leave the child with Smart.


“Nothing has been done,” Brown said. It was not taken. We hoped it would be, but we knew it wasn’t. “


According to a Michigan State Police investigator, a video taken the day before Trinity’s death showed that he was abused.


The Tri-County Times reported that Smart appeared at a trial Tuesday and his connection was denied. He is charged with torture and first degree child abuse. When an autopsy confirms Trinity’s official cause of death, the charges may be raised.


“There are many CPS studies and reports between Mr. Smart and 3-year-old Trinity Chandler”, Det. Sergeant. Said Walden of the MSP.

“There is an active and open investigation of child abuse by soldiers at the Metro North Post, and the CPS actually appeared on Friday to do a welfare check with Trinity. chief suspect. “



Smart gets behind bars in Oakland County Prison. Check back for updates.