Top 10 Most Rich Celebs in the World in 2021

Top 10 Most Rich Celebs in the World in 2021

When you hear the phrase “the richest celebrities”, you might be able to recall some names such as George Clooney, Kylie Jenner, and so on. To enter the list of the richest celebs, your basic net worth counts. The list keeps changing as the net worth of the celebrities changes so nothing is set in stone.

Without further ado, let’s see who made the cut:


10: Jay Z

Net worth: $1.02 billion

Music fans know Jay Z like cable TV fans know the Spectrum Silver package! The singer and music producer’s assets range from Roc Nation (entertainment company) to his art collection. He also has his own champagne brand and produced a movie called The Harder They Fall.

Seems like the rapper has been spending his money wisely because his net worth has increased by a whopping 40%!


9: JK Rowling

Net worth: $1.02 billion

The brain behind the Harry Potter universe has got to be on this list! Her rags-to-riches story is an inspiration for all. Rowling even feels she is indebted to the system ‘cause she was on welfare when writing her first Harry Potter book. No wonder she is such a generous charity donor.


8: David Copperfield

Net worth: $1.02 billion

David Copperfield is the highest-paid magician in the world. He is 65 years old and the man has no plans of disappearing.

Copperfield has managed to sell 33 million tickets and more money than any other solo entertainer has ever made in history. He has spent four decades of his life performing magic tickets, TV specials, and guest spots. In case you didn’t know, he has co-produced Now You See Me 2.

7: Paul McCartney

Net worth: $1.3 billion

Sir Paul McCartney, the former Beatle is among the wealthiest musicians in the world. McCartney owns the publication copyrights of musicians such as Buddy Holly and Carl Perkins, in addition to his own song catalog. His fortune is made up of tens of millions of dollars in song royalties alone. He continues to attract large crowds and earns millions of dollars through public appearances and concerts.


6: Kanye West

Net worth: $1.9 billion

Ye (formerly known as Kanye West) makes a majority of his from his successful footwear company, Yeezy, which he fully owns. He has $160 million in cash and other assets in his bank account, with more than $100 million coming from residences in LA and Wyoming.


5: Jami Gertz

Net worth: $2.15 billion

This American actress, sports team owner, and philanthropist had a successful career but a majority of her wealth comes from her marriage to Tony Ressler, the LA-based billionaire.

People from LA know Jami as an actress whereas those from Manhattan know her as the owner of the NBA basketball team. Even though Jami is a billionaire woman, she keeps herself level-headed by living a pretty normal lifestyle.  She and her husband donate quite generously.


4: Michael Jordan

Net worth: $2.20 billion

Who doesn’t know about this richest former professional athlete in the world! Between 1991 and 1998, the American basketball great won 6 NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls, and he remains an inspiration to many.

His prowess on the court in the NBA, as well as his lucrative contract with Nike, has made him the world’s wealthiest former professional athlete.


3: Oprah Winfrey

Net worth: $3.22 billion

Oprah Winfrey reached billionaire status because of her beloved talk show. Winfrey grew up in a poor family and had a terrible childhood and early adolescence. Her need to succeed and prove herself, however, drove her to fortune and celebrity.

She is the only black woman in the United States who has made it to the list. Her first media job was for the African American community at a radio station in Nashville. This role made her the first black female news anchor in Nashville. Her difficult childhood, rejection from journalism and media because she couldn’t relate, hard work, and passion to fulfill her dreams made her the woman she is today!


2: Steven Spielberg

Net worth: $3.75 billion

Steven is Hollywood’s most successful film director, producer, and screenwriter. Spielberg has directed and produced over 100 feature films with a total box office gross of more than $25 billion. He is the originator and managing partner of DreamWorks Studios, a film production firm.

He’s one of those students who were dropped out of college but he went back and finished his degree.  This genius has given has films like Jurassic Park, Jaws, E.T, and many others.


1: George Lucas

Net worth: $6.2 billion

Lucas is a producer, director, screenwriter, and successful entrepreneur. He’s the creator of the epic Star Wars saga. Did you know he was a race car driver before his career in the entertainment industry? He got into an accident that nearly killed him, which made him peruse other passions one of which was arts. This incident validates it: everything happens for a reason!