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Who is Toots Hibbert? (Reggae Legend Dies) Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Who is Toots Hibbert? (Reggae Legend Dies) Biography, Wiki, Age, Networth, Death and Cause

Toots Hibbert was an influential and veteran Jamaican ska and reggae singer and founder of the band the Maytals. It is being reported that the reggae sensation has died on September 11th, 2020 at the age of 77. The cause of death is as yet unclear though he had been recently tested for Covid-19.

Hibbert was the last born into a family of seven children. Both of his parents were Seventh-day Adventist ministers and grew up singing in the church.

Toots Hibbert Career

He moved to the country’s capital Kingston as a teenager and created the first version of Maytals in the early 1960s.

From 1960 to 1970 the band recorded with a number of producers who read like a reggae celebrity list: Coxsone Dodd, Prince Buster, Byron Lee, Leslie Kong – and Hibbert compositions such as “Bam Bam”, “Sweet and Dandy” and “54-46 This Is My Number”, inspired by the mid-60s prison sentence he used for marijuana possession.

Hibbert was one of the first advocates of reggae in the late 1960s and made a hit with the song “Do the Reggay”. In fact, he is known for giving the name reggae when he christened his 1968 song.

He was Bob Marley’s contemporary and friend, and for several years both signed with Island Records. Hibbert said in 2018 that Jamaica Observer and Marley’s band shared the bills with the Wailers in their early days. “Sometimes Maytals would turn off, sometimes The Wailers would close the show. “We had no problems, no professional jealousy, we were all very good friends,” he said.

“Except for all of us, me and Bob were very good friends. I had done the song ‘Marley’ except for one of those conversations. Rasta was telling me that he was going to be dreadlock.” Rasta said ‘I laughed’, ‘I want the comb to be locked,’ Rasta Selassie said, ‘and’ he laughed, just like real like the words in a song, ”he said

They both had hits with different songs called “Redemption Song” and were featured on their debut album “Funky Kingston” for Island.

“When I did the ‘Redemption Song’ in 1972, it reached number one in Jamaica,” Hibbert recalled. Marley said he would do a “Song of Atonement”. It used a similar rhythm but different words. “Marley’s version of the song was featured on” Uprising, “the last album released in his life.

Also in 1972, Hibbert starred in the groundbreaking movie “The Harder They Come,” starring Jimmy Cliff. The 1969 “Pressure Drop” appeared in the soundtrack of the movie and appeared in Clash in 1978, introducing Hibbert to thousands of new listeners.

Toots Hibbert Late Career

He was injured when a thrown bottle hit his head during a performance in Virginia in 2013. He missed a few shows, but asked the judge to give a light sentence to the young man who threw the bottle. “He’s a young man and I heard what happened to the young people in prison,” he wrote. judge. “My own pain and suffering will increase significantly, knowing that this young man will face this possibility.” The man was sentenced to six months in prison.

Hibbert was hospitalized just days after he and Maytals’ debut album “Got to Be Tough” was released in more than a decade. The album was co-produced by Zak Starkey and includes contributions from Starkey’s father, Ringo Starr, as well as Ziggy Marley, Sly Dunbar and Cyril Neville (read Variety’s review).

“I am very proud of what I did and the love I gave,” Hibbert told Rolling Stone about the album. “But it’s getting harder and harder to give people the love they need, and now they need it more than ever. There’s no time to waste.”

Toots Hibbert Disease and Death

Hibbert passed away at the age of 77 on September 11, 2020. Although it has been recently tested for Covid-19, the cause of death is not yet clear. On September 2, it was revealed that Hibbert was in a stable but serious condition at a private medical facility in Jamaica. Although the results were not disclosed, it was tested for Covid-19.

“Frederick Nathaniel” Toots “It was heartbreaking to announce that Hibbert died peacefully tonight at West Indies University Hospital in Kingston, Jamaica, in a statement released on September 11th.

The family and its management team would like to thank the healthcare teams and professionals for their care and effort and want you to respect their privacy during times of grief. ”

.Toots Hibbert Wife, Children

Hibbert is survived by his wife of 39 years, Miss D, and his seven of eight children.

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