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Who is Toni McBride (LAPD officer) Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Net Worth, Instagram, Hidden Facts You Need to Know

Toni McBride (LAPD officer) Wiki – Toni McBride (LAPD officer) Biography

Toni McBride is a 23-year-old Los Angeles police officer with model-like looks and impressive shooting skills, many of which have ended up on social media is now the subject of an investigation after a family man who was holding a box cutter was killed after being shot six times.
The bodycam of Toni McBride, an officer in LAPD’s Newton Division who had the nickname ‘top shot’, shows her facing off Daniel Hernandez, 38, in downtown Los Angeles in April.
After instructing him to drop his weapon, Hernandez appeared to continue to walk towards the officer.
McBride fired four times before the man fell to the ground. After he fell, Hernandez still had the weapon in his hands, so McBride fired upon him twice more.
Hernandez’s 14-year-old daughter is now suing the LAPD claiming the shooting was unjustified and that McBride had, ‘reckless violent and homicidal propensities.’
The Hernandez family says that the use of force by the police is something the Black and Latin people have been dealing with for decades.
‘Do we want police officers to be musketeers or to comply with the LAPD slogan?’ To protect and serve ‘?’ LA Lawyer Arnoldo Casillas, representing the Hernandez family, told the LA Times.
Others defended McBride, believing that the use of force was justified.
“There is no doubt that this officer is facing an urgent threat to his life,” says force use expert Ed Obayashi.
McBride returned to the patrol streets as the case progressed.
McBride has been the subject of a number of profiles in magazines, and his videos are featured on the social media page of Simi Valley shooting range Taran Tactical Innovations.
Butler said to Los Angeles Magazine: “This is known to me. ‘Beautiful girls shooting as well as they look.’
The Hernandez family suggests that videos of this kind of fast fire, video on the camera are working against the LAPD policy, which requires a calm response and a cool head.
On the day of Hernandez’s shooting, the officers were sent to a traffic accident where a man in one of the cars was trying to stab himself.
When McBride arrives at the scene, he can hear other drivers telling them to get out of their cars and stay away from the crash area.
“ Hey man, let me see your hands, ” he said to Hernandez. ‘Stay there,’ he said, ‘Drop the knife!’ three times.
“ Stay there, ” ordered McBride.
Hernandez paused for a moment but then began to walk towards him with his outstretched arms.
Leave it! ‘McBride shouted before firing twice.
Hernandez collapsed but as he started to stand up, McBride fired four more times.
A box in which he had to kick the police was found with a knife.
This time Hernandez fell to the ground facing the ground and stopped moving.
Family lawyer Narine Mkrtchyan told NBC Los Angeles: “You can clearly see that Daniel Hernandez came out of a total car, walked shirtless, did not make any gestures threatening anyone with his hands.
Mkrtchyan believes that Hernandez is too far from McBride to be a major threat and that less lethal options such as stun guns should be used in the first instance.
“ These are probably more experienced officers and do not resort to lethal force, ” Mkrtchyan said.
McBride’s lawyer answered, saying he wanted to make sure everyone involved was safe.
He does everything he can to protect life, ” Larry Hanna, McBride’s lawyer. ‘He put his body in front of the citizens there and continued to tell Hernandez to stop, he put out his hand, he did everything he could.’
He joined this department to help people who couldn’t protect themselves. There were all these people here, some of them frozen in their cars in fear, and this person was coming to them with a knife, ‘he said.
The case is currently being investigated by detectives in LAPD’s Force Investigation Division, which will decide whether McBride actions are within departmental policy.
The LA County District Attorney’s Office will decide whether killing is legal.