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Who is Tom DiLorenzo Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Net Worth, Instagram, Hidden Facts You Need to Know

Tom DiLorenzo Wiki – Tom DiLorenzo Biography

Tom DiLorenzo, a former University of North Dakota provost remembered for his work ethic and care for students, was shot and killed while walking with his wife, also a top educational professional, in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. He was only a month into retirement, and his wife had just started a new job in Charleston.
According to the police, the husband was shot “during the robbery attempt” and later died in the hospital; His wife, who was recently called provost and was the vice-president of academic affairs at Charleston College, Dr. Suzanne Austin was not physically damaged. DiLorenzo was 63 years old.
“At this horrible time, our prayers are with the victim’s family,” police chief Luther Reynolds said in a statement. We would like to thank our community for their support to our researchers in this case. ”
“Tom cares,” said former UND chief Mark Kennedy to Grand Forks Herald. “He took care of his family. He cared to fulfill his higher education mission to create opportunities for students and society … It was never about him, it was about students, faculty, university. The world is a better place because Tom was alive. ”

2 Suspect Arrested

In the July 17 newsletter, Charleston police wrote that they arrested two child men for the murder “which occurred early this morning near King Street and Clifford Street in Charleston city center”.
The suspects are 15 and 16 years old. Their names have not been published due to their age. Both were charged with murder and attempted armed robbery; One of the cops is accused of having a deadly weapon during a violent crime.
According to the police, the children are being held in a detention center, and due to their age, their hearing will be before a family court judge.
The police said that the couple “walked near the intersection around 6:15 am when they approached the children. One of the men was armed with a gun and asked for money from the couple. ”

Tom DiLorenzo’s Wife Suzanne Austin

DiLorenzo’s wife, Suzanne Austin, began her provocate duty only at Charleston College on July 1, 2020.
In a statement from that university, he said, “He has a nearly thirty-year career at the academy. Austin, who holds a doctorate from Duke University in history, has served the senior nine years as senior vice president and senior international officer at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, where he led a series of initiatives focused on student achievement and faculty development. , international programs and online learning. ”
His expertise examines the history of Latin America. Before and after 1492, he wrote a book on the Contagious Diseases in Indigenous populations, A Pest in the Earth at a Glance: New World Outbreaks.
“He was interested in growing up in Austin, Connecticut, Austin from a young age, learning about new places and people; it was a curiosity that continued to study English and journalism as a graduate student at North Carolina State University. He received a history diploma from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. ”
“As she followed her career into academia, Austin became fascinated by the rich history and culture of Latin America – which led her on many international adventures.”
“Since I am a historian of Latin America, I love traveling in that part of the world,” Austin was quoted as saying. “I have lived in Mexico and Ecuador, but I love traveling.”