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Tobias Rathjen (Shisha Bar Germany Shooter) Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Tobias Rathjen Biography, Tobias Rathjen Wiki

Tobias Rathjen is identified as the suspect gunman who killed at least 10 people in Hanau, Germany, on the night of 19 February. Rathjen has been described as “xenophobic” by a police spokesperson. A manifesto, a well as videos, were left behind by the victim, showing his political beliefs and theories surrounding Donald Trump, eugenics as well as identifying himself as an incel.


He is 43 years old.


The gunman was identified as 43-year-old Tobias Rathjen, a far-right extremist, and neo-Nazi. He released a manifesto and videos, showing his political beliefs and theories surrounding Donald Trump quoting his slogans, eugenics and identifying with views similar to those expressed by members of the Men Going Their Own Way community, as he never experienced an intimate relationship with a woman during his lifetime. He expressed hate for foreigners and called for a mass killing of people from the Middle East, Central Asia, and North Africa. Rathjen said in his videos that he was inspired by the Christchurch mosque shootings.[citation needed]

Hanau, Germany Attack

The shootings took place at around 22:00 local time (UTC+1) on 19 February 2020, in two shisha bars—one at the Midnight Bar in Hanau’s central square, and the other at the Arena Bar & Café in the western Kesselstadt neighborhood. Reports showed that both bars are mostly frequented by Kurds; however, the patrons within the first bar were Turks. At least three people were killed in the first shooting, while at least five were killed in the second. The police initiated a large-scale investigation. It was initially reported that the suspects were at large. At 05:15 the next day, the gunman, identified as Tobias Rathjen, and his mother was found dead at their apartment. German police state that the gunman shot himself after returning home from the incident. As of 20 February, the total number of people killed had reached 11, as one of the people injured in the second shooting died from their wounds.


A total of ten people were killed by the attacker: five were Kurds with Turkish nationality, one was a Bosnian and another a Polish citizen. The attacker’s German mother was also killed.

Rathjen Released a Video Aimed at American Citizens

On February 14, Tobias Rathjen uploaded a video that aimed at American citizens. In the video, Rathjen speaks in English. Rathjen alleges that the U.S. is under the control of “invisible secret societies.” He accuses them of being “evil” and using a “modern system of slavery.”
He urges Americans to “wake up, quick.” He says that there are deep, underground military bases where the devil is worshipped and children are murdered. Rathjen says this is “reality” and that it has been going on for some time. Rathjen tells Americans to “turn-off the mainstream media.”
He  says is the “duty” of Americans to gather people together, locate the bases and “storm them.” He concludes by saying that Americans need to “fight now.”

Police Report Investigation

Federal prosecutors are treating the attack as terrorism, with officials saying there is evidence the gunman was a far-right extremist, as well as signs of xenophobic motives for the killings. Peter Beuth, the Minister of the Interior in the state of Hesse, stated on 20 February that a homepage found by investigators indicated a right-wing political motive for the shootings. However, prosecutors said Rathjen was not previously known as an extremist by authorities. A written letter and video clip of accountability were discovered and being analyzed by the police, some security officials stated, based on anonymity.


As a result of the shootings, Chancellor Angela Merkel canceled a planned trip to Halle and expressed her condolences to the victims’ families.
Hours before he was due to meet Merkel and other European leaders in Brussels, European Council President Charles Michel wrote on Twitter, “The pointless loss of human lives is a tragedy – irrespective of where it occurs.”
The President of the European Parliament, David Sassoli, offered his condolences on Twitter. He wrote, “We stand united against any form of hate and violence.”