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Timothy Wilson, a man who died in an FBI shootout in Belton, Missouri, was planning to bomb a hospital providing “critical medical care” during the current coronavirus health care crisis, according to a statement from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Wilson felt compelled to act when the Belton mayor issued a stay-at-home order to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak, The New York Times reported.
The Informant’s Nick R. Martin has unearthed social media posts he says were made by Wilson on Telegram channels using the handle Werwolfe 84; according to Martin’s research, Wilson was “an admirer of the 1980s terrorist group The Order” and was linked to “two active neo-Nazi organizations,” the National Socialist Movement (NSM) and Vorherrschaft Division (VSD). Elon University computer science professor Megan Squire helped Martin with the research.

BREAKING: In a statement tonight, FBI says a Missouri man they tried to arrest yesterday who was planning to car bomb a health care facility amid the COVID-19 crisis has died after injuries inflicted during the arrest. Target of long-running domestic terror investigation. pic.twitter.com/VZhiUgDWgN

— Alex Mallin (@alex_mallin) March 25, 2020

According to Martin, Wilson was active on Telegram on Tuesday, March 24, writing that he thought the government was using coronavirus as an “excuse to destroy our people,” adding, “Mark my words it’s coming I hope people are ready.” He also commented on COVID-19, according to Martin, writing, “If you don’t think this whole thing was engineered by Jews as a power grab here is more proof of their plans. Jews have been playing the long game we are the only ones standing in their way.”
In the March 25, 2020 statement, the FBI revealed that it had executed a probable cause arrest the day before for Timothy Wilson, 36, at the 100th block of Wilbur Parish Circle in Belton, Missouri. That action came “at the conclusion of a long-running domestic terrorism investigation,” the FBI wrote.
FBI agents went to arrest Wilson, who was armed, when Wilson “was injured and transported to an area hospital where he was later pronounced deceased,” according to the statement from the FBI. The New York Times reported that Wilson was killed in a shootout with FBI agents. It’s not clear whether he died at his own hand or was shot by the agents.

Timothy Wilson Wife

According to Missouri court records, Wilson’s wife filed for divorce from him in 2019. Court records show the divorce was still pending, and the most recent activity in the case came January 20, 2020.

Timothy Wilson Children

Wilson’s Facebook page says he’s divorced and his cover picture shows four small children. In 2018, his wife wrote, “Me and my husband went to Louisville Kentucky Wizard Con in 2014.” The picture shows them posing with Game of Thrones actor Jason Momoa.

Timothy Wilson Shot Dead

Timothy Wilson, 36, died Tuesday in Belton, Missouri, a suburb of Kansas City, after members of the FBI’s joint terrorism task force attempted to arrest him. The FBI says Wilson was the subject of a “months-long domestic terrorism investigation.”

It’s not clear whether Wilson was wounded by FBI agents or if he died by suicide. Officials say he was armed and after being shot was taken to a hospital, where he was later pronounced dead. The incident will be investigated by the FBI’s inspection division, standard procedure for shootings involving agents.

Timothy Wilson Investigations

According to a statement issued Wednesday, Wilson “was the subject of a months-long domestic terrorism investigation” and was believed to be motivated by “by racial, religious and anti-government animus.”
He was planning a bombing and “had considered several targets” over the course of several months, according to the FBI.
Fuhr said that Wilson “just hung out with his grandmother.”
“[He] never did say anything that would indicate that he was some type of domestic terrorist or anything like that,” Fuhr said.
According to the FBI, Wilson had “taken the necessary steps” to acquire materials needed to build the bomb. He was being monitored at all times by the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force “in order to protect public safety.”
“With the current health crisis, Wilson decided to accelerate his plan to use a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED) in an attempt to cause severe harm and mass casualties,” the FBI in a statement about the incident. “Wilson considered various targets and ultimately settled on an area hospital in an attempt to harm many people, targeting a facility that is providing critical medical care in today’s environment.”