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Who is Tim Kelleher (Brian Kelleher) Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Career, Net Worth, Instagram, Facts You Need to Know

Tim Kelleher (Brian Kelleher) Wiki – Tim Kelleher (Brian Kelleher) Biography

Tim Kelleher identified himself via social media in response to Matthew Egan’s posts. Kelleher has accused Egan of fabricating the story. He wrote on Twitter:
Why are you making out you were a hero? You came up to me running your mouth saying give you a reason to beat my ass.
You made this totally up and you will be caught and prosecuted for trying to incite racial division and putting myself and my biracial children in danger.
On Facebook, an account using the name Brian Kelleher has also posted on Egan’s page with accusations that he made everything up. It’s possible that Kelleher used a family member’s account to comment, or Brian may be his middle name. In those posts, Kelleher denied saying anything about race at the gym. “I have a black witness who was there who said I didn’t utter a word about race or go back to your country!” He also claimed that the entire situation was a “setup.”

What happened to Matthew Egan at Life Time Fitness

The attempt at humor fell flat. Egan said Kelleher threatened him and tried to bait him into throwing a punch. “Every time he didn’t like something I said, which was always, he’d come back and get in my face,” Egan explained. “He would say, ‘I’m going to find you. I’m going to come to your house. I’m going to kill you. I’m going to put you in a box, I’m going to put you in the ground.’”
Egan explained that he was responding to Kelleher with comments such as, “It’s 2020, are you really going to behave like this?” and “Do you get your rocks off talking to women like this?” He also expressed amazement that the other man was angry over social distancing rules.
Egan claimed Kelleher hurled multiple insults at him and the young woman. “He’s just so ugly that he just spewed hate in any direction he could think of,” Egan told, he had no interest in getting into a physical fight with Kelleher because he appeared to be very strong, but he wasn’t going to move. “My thought was to stand between him and her. If he wants to hit me, that’s fine. But better me than her.”
Egan said after Kelleher head-butted him the first time, a Life Time employee called the police while a second worker tried to stand between them. But Egan said the man managed to head-butt him twice more, while engaged in a boxer’s stance, before finally walking away. Egan started bleeding after the third hit. “I was covered in blood.”
According to Egan, a Life Time Fitness employee told him that the gym had video footage of the incident and had saved it. The young woman managed to take a picture of the older man. But Egan said because her hands had been shaking so hard, she was able to record only a few seconds of video.

Latest Updates

We are committed to upholding safe, respectful and family-oriented environments, and take all reported incidents very seriously. Regarding this situation specifically, authorities were called immediately once our team became aware and swift membership actions were taken, including termination. Violence and discrimination of any kind are not and will not be tolerated. In addition to conducting an internal review, we are committed to cooperating with law enforcement in their investigation.
Egansaid that as of June 18, a detective had been assigned to the case and Egan plans to go forward with pressing charges. But he says a defense attorney advised him that it could take several weeks before an arrest warrant is issued because police “didn’t catch him in the act.”

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