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Cop dad charged with murder in son’s freezing death: Thomas Valva Biography, Wiki, Age, Father, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

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An NYPD officer who is charged with the murder of his 8-year-old son Thomas Valva has retired from the police force several months after his son’s death in January.

8-year-old Thomas Valva died after being forced to spend the night in an unheated garage without a blanket at his father’s home in Moriches, New York Center. Thomas’s father, NYPD traffic cop Michael Valva, and his fiancee Angela Pollina, who lived in his Long Island home with Thomas and his two brothers, were charged with second-degree murder and endangering a child.


According to Center Moriches-Eastport Patch and many New York-based news sources, Michael Valva, who was 40 when his son died, resigned from the NYPD after being suspended for free shortly after Thomas died.


Reports show that the resignation meant Valva would not face any disciplinary action. And Valva’s lawyer, John LoTurco, told Patch that his client was not expected to lose his pension.


Thomas Valva’s death investigation initially focused on Suffolk County, which was run by Suffolk County police. The NYPD was not involved in the murder investigation due to the death that occurred outside of New York City.


A medical investigator determined that Thomas’ death was the result of murder with hypothermia. As previously reported, recordings taken from the security camera in Valva’s home show that Thomas’ father taunted the boy who couldn’t walk after spending the night in the garage well below freezing. The images also showed Thomas shaking and begging to use a toilet the night before he died. The recording, along with additional evidence, strongly suggests that it is not the first time that Thomas or his brothers have been forced to spend the night in the garage.


Thomas’s mother, Justyna Zubko-Valva, also living in Suffolk County, was openly talked about her desperate attempts to rescue her children from what she believed to be serious and ongoing abuse at their father’s home. Michael Valva took full custody of three boys after filing a CPS complaint against his ex-wife in 2017; a complaint he said was based on false claims.


A police officer laughed at him when Zubko-Valva gave CrimeOnline numerous reports to the CPS about his suspicions that their son was neglected, malnourished and abused, and when he tried to prepare a police report in the Suffolk County area.


Multiple institutions in Suffolk County have since announced an investigation into Thomas Valva’s death, but the status of these investigations is unknown.


According to Patch, Thomas’ mother filed a $ 200 million unfair death case against school representatives and Suffolk County officials.


Valva’s lawyer told Patch that the trial preparations were being turned upside down due to the coronavirus outbreak. The lawyer also said that Thomas Valva and Angela Pollina now have “hostile” defenses.