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A 43-year-old German national is in police custody for allegedly murdering his former partner and 10-year-old son inside a cave in Tenerife, in Spain’s Canary Islands.

A second child, a six-year-old boy named Jonas, managed to escape the cave where his father Thomas Handrick had trapped him, his mother Shylvia and his brother, according to judicial sources. Early investigations suggest that the mother and eldest son were beaten to death.

The paper quotes sources as saying the father was aggressive and refused to give police any information about his partner and sons.

“It is suspected murder,” a spokeswoman for the local police (Guardia Civil) told the BBC.

The suspect is being held at a police station in Playa de las Americas, near Adeje, and will probably go before an investigating judge on Friday, she said.

A woman called Rosi told Spanish media how she had found the five-year-old boy “tired and all red-faced”.

In a video clip on La Vanguardia news website, she said the boy had “gripped my hand, as he was anxious”.

Unable to understand German, Rosi said she had fetched a friend, who then translated the boy’s story. “He said he had escaped, run away.”

The boy is now in the care of the Canary Islands family welfare service, Spain’s Efe news agency reports.

The service has contacted a family member, via the German consulate, who is now traveling to Tenerife to meet up with the boy.

But officials are leaving it to the judiciary to decide when the boy can return to Germany, as a criminal investigation is underway.

A Canary Islands government official, Cristina Valido, said “although we might be tempted to let the boy return as soon as possible to his normal family life in his country, evidently he witnessed an atrocity and probably it will be the judiciary which decides when he can go home”