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Thomas Billington wiki: Thomas Billington 5 December 1958 – 5 December 2018, best known by the ring name the Dynamite Kid, was a British professional wrestler. He competed in the World Wrestling Federation, Stampede Wrestling, All Japan Pro Wrestling, and New Japan Pro Wrestling in the mid-to-late-1980s. With his cousin Davey Boy Smith, he is also known for being one half of the tag team The British Bulldogs. He also had notable feuds with Tiger Mask in Japan and Bret Hart in Canada.

Billington is considered by many, including Bret Hart and Dave Meltzer, to be one of wrestling’s most influential in-ring performers, having innovated the level of athleticism involved in the art and merging styles from Britain, Mexico, Canada and Japan.

Thomas Billington Early life

Billington was born in Golborne, Lancashire. His father’s name was Bill and he has two sisters and a younger brother named Mark. His father Bill and uncle Eric Billington were boxers in their youth and his grandfather Joe Billington was a bare-knuckle boxer. He is a member of the Billington family. One of his ancestors James Billington was also a wrestler.

Academic work was not a priority to him, but he was drawn to sports at his comprehensive school; his adherence to it, particularly wrestling and gymnastics, helped him develop a relatively small but powerful and agile shape. In addition, he had also received training in boxing during his formative years, which helped instill toughness in him before his career.

His father, the brother of Davey Boy Smith’s mother, was a miner and itinerant labourer who often took the young Billington to see wrestling matches in Wigan, well known for its wrestling tradition. It was during a home visit that he caught the attention of Ted Betley, who had been running a professional wrestling school in his home; it was here that Billington began his training, as a way of avoiding the back-breaking work of the coal mines.

Thomas Billington Personal life

In 1991, he was divorced from his first wife Michelle Smadu (the sister of Bret Hart’s then-wife Julie) with whom Billington had one son and two daughters (Marek, Bronwyn and Amaris). Following the end of his marriage to Michelle, he moved from Canada back home to Wigan with his parents.

Billington was a close friend of Wayne Hart. When Billington was living in Calgary they co-owned an apartment together where they lived with their respective girlfriends.

Thomas Billington Health problems

In 1997, after having a great deal of complications he was experiencing with walking due to the large number of back and leg injuries he suffered during his career, Billington lost the use of his left leg. He had a paralysed left leg and uses a wheelchair; he was cared for by his second wife, Dot. Billington was been told he would never be able to walk again. Harley Race, the inventor of the diving headbutt, has stated that he regrets ever inventing the move, because it appears to cause spinal problems as well as concussions, and may have contributed to Billington’s disability. In addition to his paralysis, Billington also suffered from heart problems. In November 2013, Billington reportedly suffered a stroke. In 2015, he was named in a lawsuit filed by WWE after they received a letter from him indicating that he intended to sue them for concussion-based injuries sustained during his tenure with them. He was represented by attorney Konstantine Kyros, who is involved in several other lawsuits involving former WWE wrestlers.

Thomas Billington Altercations with other wrestlers

Billington had several violent interactions with fellow wrestlers. One such event was with Bruce Hart in which Billington broke Hart’s jaw. Another was while in WWF where wrestler Jacques Rougeau Jr felt that Billington had bullied him and punched Billington in the face.

Thomas Billington Legacy

Billington’s British training, combined with an aerial arsenal honed during numerous tours in Japan, influenced a generation of later wrestling stars, especially those normally associated with Stu Hart’s “Dungeon”. A follower was the late WWE wrestler Chris Benoit, who idolized Billington while growing up and adopted a similar moveset that included the swan-dive headbutt and the Snap Suplex.

The playable character in the Mat Mania/Mania Challenge/Exciting Hour arcade games of the mid-1980s is named Dynamite Tommy, frequently presumed to be modeled after Billington.

In February 2013, released a documentary named Thomas Billington A Matter of Pride on the Thomas Billington. In October 2014, Billington was presented with a lifetime achievement award at Gloucester Leisure Centre by Superstars of Wrestling UK.

Billington is featured in the 2016 documentary Nine Legends.

WRESTLING legend Thomas Billington, known as “The Dynamite Kid”, has passed away on his 60th birthday.

The exact cause of death remains unknown but the Lancashire-born icon had been battling a number of health issues for years.

Thomas Billington wiki

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