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Missing AMBER Alert: Terran Alexander Butler Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Mother, Father

Terran Alexander Butler

Missing AMBER Alert: Terran Alexander Butler

A Utah father is desperately searching for his 6-year-old son Terran Alexander Butler after his mother allegedly abducted the boy during a supervised visit.

Terran Alexander Butler and her mother, Emily Jolley, 43, disappeared from Salt Lake City on Saturday. According to police, Jolley abducted her son during a supervised visit and may be heading to Washington.


Investigators are looking for Jolley’s last known car, a 2008 blue Toyota Prius with Utah license plate E847GT.


According to CBS 2, Terran’s father, Timothy Butler, said the boy’s mother is associated with a group that considers itself sovereign citizens.


“It’s basically a group of people that the FBI has considered a national terrorist group,” Butler said.


Butler added that he was never married to Jolley and went through years of custody battles. The court eventually gave him full custody of his son after Jolley allegedly made up a false story that Butler abused the boy. She is also accused of instructing Terran on what to tell the police.


The father worries that his son is with a group of “dangerous people” and is at risk of emotional abuse.


“We believe Terran is in imminent danger, not necessarily because of Emily’s history as a physically abusive person, but obviously a long history of emotional abuse that she has subjected Terran to. Mental instability and a dangerous group of people he has decided to associate with. “


Both Butler and his girlfriend, Amelia Meneses, told CBS 2 that they believe Jolley is possibly “living off the grid” and that he may have been planning the kidnapping months in advance.


“It’s very possible that she’s off the grid somewhere, so I think she’s camping or hiking. She has spoken before disconnecting from the grid. So that’s a possibility, but we think there is a group of people with whom they are helping her ”, said Meneses.


Earlier this week, Jolley’s mother, Larain Latter Jolley, who was assigned to supervise visitation between her daughter and grandson, was arrested on suspicion of a felony obstruction of justice after she allegedly allowed her daughter left with Terran.


Investigators obtained a search warrant and seized Larain’s cell phone, which had messages between Emily Jolley, Larain, and someone named Stephanie Barber.


According to the police, Larain was told to tell the police that her daughter had moved out days ago and “not to speak in the group text about what we talked about in the group text.”


Larain is not cooperating with the police and, so far, no leads have been obtained. Officials ask the public to be on the lookout for Terran and her mother.


Tuberculosis is described as a white male who is four feet tall and weighs about 40 pounds. He has blonde hair, blue eyes, and was last seen wearing a green T-shirt with blue sleeves, blue shorts, and hiking boots.


Jolley is described as a white female who is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs around 140 pounds. She has brown hair and blue eyes.



Anyone with information should call the police at 801-840-4000 or call 911.