Who is Tasha Tennin? (Mom locked son, 8, in garage in temperatures below zero) Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Who is Tasha Tennin? (Mom locked son, 8, in garage in temperatures below zero) Biography, Wiki

Tasha Tennin is a Minnesota mother was indicted last week for the murder of her 8-year-old son in February 2018, the Hennepin County Attorney announced.
Tasha Tennin, 36, allegedly locked her son in a garage at her Brooklyn Park home overnight on January 31, 2018 — when temperatures dropped below zero — then called 911 the following morning when she found him unresponsive.
The police found the boy without his pulse on the living room floor. The medics, who described him as “icy” and “too cold as if outside,” could not resurrect him.
Tennin was reported to have told detectives that “his son came home from school the day before, sick, lethargic and lacking appetite”, but according to the complaint, staff at the school said he was energetic even while playing on the trampoline at school. him.

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The police report filed at the time stated that the boy appeared to be urinating in his pajamas and a frozen puddle of fluid was seen in the attached garage. However, when the police returned with a search warrant a week later, the fluid was gone.
An autopsy did not find an anatomical cause of the boy’s death, but found numerous lesions and wounds on his back, which a doctor said was “indicative of physical abuse”.
Tennin was first accused of second-degree manslaughter two times on the child’s death in September 2019 when he told his parents that his siblings were in trouble after coming home from school on January 31. He locked him in the garage and locked him in for the night. He could not breathe the next morning.
Last week’s indictment accuses Tennin of child abuse in the past and first-degree murder while committing child abuse while committing a crime, with unintentional second-degree murder.
Tennin was arrested on Friday and is expected to appear in court for the first time Monday. Prosecutors are seeking $ 2 million in bail, the WCCO reported.
It is unclear why there is a nearly one-year gap between the initial charges and the grand jury indictment.