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Who is Tara Tolomeo (Kellyann Tolomeo’s Daughter) Bio, Wiki, Age, Married, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Fast Facts You Need to Know

Tara Tolomeo Bio

Tara Tolomeo is the daughter of North Wildwood Councilwoman Kellyann Tolomeo and lives in North Wildwood as a nurse. Kenney is an event coordinator.

Tara Tolomeo Age

She is 27 years old

Who is Tara Tolomeo

Councilwoman Tolomeo has served on the North Wildwood City Council since 2007 and represents the city’s, Second Ward. She was born and raised in Philadelphia.

The two women were charged with disorderly conduct, which is punishable by a fine. The case has been moved from North Wildwood Municipal Court to Lower Township due to a conflict of interest with Councilwoman Tolomeo’s position in the local government.

Tara Tolomeo Arrested

Daughter of North Wildwood Councilwoman Kellyann Tolomeo and Nora Kenney daughter of Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney were arrested at 1:40 a.m. on Sunday in the nightclub district of North Wildwood, after getting into an altercation. The fight was witnessed by two local officers who happened to be on duty that evening.

Police officers witnessed Kenney and Tara Tolomeo fighting in the street. Tolomeo, 27, is the daughter of a City Councilwoman in North Wildwood. Both women were put in handcuffs as the officers questioned them.

Arrest Report

Kenney&Tolomeo by Erin Laviola on Scribd

The arrest file by using the North Wildwood Police branch lists that the combat between Nora Kenney and Tara Tolomeo occurred alongside Chestnut avenue and Olde New Jersey avenue round 1:40 inside the morning on August 11.

The report does now not explain what the 2 girls have been arguing about or what induced them to get physical.

The record reads that Kenney and Tolomeo are accused of “purposely purpose or recklessly create the chance of public inconvenience, annoyance or alarm via undertaking fighting, threatening or tumultuous behavior by means of an act which served no valid reason of the defendant.

Tara Tolomeo Charges

Both were handcuffed, according to the police report, and charged with disorderly conduct after their fight was witnessed by two North Wildwood police officers on duty in the area of Olde New Jersey Avenue, the city’s nightclub district, said Capt. John Stevenson, a police spokesperson.

The charges are disorderly persons offenses punishable by fines and will remain at the Municipal Court level, he said.

The case was transferred from North Wildwood to Lower Township because of a potential conflict of interest with an elected official, said North Wildwood court administrator Angela DeRitis. No court date has been set.

Neither Nora Kenney, of Philadelphia, an event coordinator, nor Tara Tolomeo, a nurse who lives in North Wildwood, responded to messages left for them Thursday.

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