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Takeria Adderly Biography, Takeria Adderly Wiki

Human remains discovered in Polk County Wednesday have been identified as Takeria Adderly reported missing on June 30.

According to the Lakeland Police Department, the remains near the 2000 block of West Bella Vista Street belong to 22-year-old Takeria Adderly.

The detectives found Adderly’s abandoned car on July 7 in southeast Lakeland on July 7 and furthered their investigation. There was evidence in the care that, according to one study, it led researchers to recognize a person interested in disappearance.

The police department sees a 21-year-old man as the first person to deal with the disappearance and death of Adderly. He is currently being held in Polk County Prison on other charges.

Police said that Adderly’s body was hidden by a team of dog handlers who did training exercises early in July 29, in the heavy vegetation near the 2000 block of West Bella Vista Street.

The detectives say the autopsy manages the way of death as a murder.

Since the beginning of the investigation, detectives say they have received 18 search warrants and reviewed about 250 hours of surveillance video.

The Medical Office performed an autopsy on Thursday and decided to murder her death.

Ledger, Adderly’s vehicle was found abandoned on July 10, and evidence in the car took them to 21-year-old Christian Darrach.

Lakeland police interviewed Darrach that day and arrested him on charges of major theft, theft, falsification of evidence and violation of probation.

Adderly’s body was found in heavy vegetation near the 2000 block of West Bella Vista by canine handlers conducting training early Wednesday morning. An autopsy conducted by the Medical Examiner’s Office on Thursday determined her cause of death was a homicide.

Adderly’s vehicle was found abandoned July 7 in Southeast Lakeland. Lakeland police said evidence found in the car led them to Chistian Darrach, 21, who was interviewed on July 10. Police arrested Darrach on allegations of grand theft and burglary of Adderly’s vehicle, as well as tampering with evidence and violation of probation.

Police said Darrach, who remains in the Polk County Jail on those charges, is the primary person of interest in Adderly’s disappearance and death. But they said the investigation remains active.

Police added that Darrach was the “primary concern” in Adderly’s death and disappearance, and the investigation continued.