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Suspect Killer of 7 Arrested in Tennessee: Michael Cummins Wiki, 10 Facts You Need to Know, Biography, Age, Family, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

Michael Cummins Wiki

Michael Cummins was on the run after police sought him in connection with multiple homicides in Sumner County, Tennessee, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation announced on Saturday. He has since been taken into custody. Law enforcement officials have not named him as a suspect but have said that he is a “person of interest.” Here is what we know so far about Cummins and what happened. This is a developing story.

Michael Cummins Wiki

Michael Cummins Age, Arrest

Michael Cummins, 25, was taken into custody on Saturday night after the bodies of five people were discovered in two homes in the town of Westmoreland, northeast of Nashville on Saturday afternoon.

Michael Cummins Wiki

Parents, Michael Cummins Family

Local media identified three of the victims as Cummins’ parents, David and Clara, and his uncle Charlie Hosale.

A 12-year-old child was also killed, according to News Channel 5. Cummins was armed at the time of his arrest and it is understood his victims were shot dead.

Height and Weight

Cummins is 5’7″ and 180 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes, officials said.

Since the warning was issued, Cummins has been taken into custody, the TBI announced Saturday night.

Sumner County borders Kentucky and is northeast of Nashville.

Early Charges

Nick Beres of local news NC5 said on Facebook that Cummins has two prior charges on his record.  He said both charges are from Sumner County: one is from 2017 for aggravated attempted arson and the second is for aggravated assault.

According to Cummins’ Facebook, he once worked as a technician and attended high school at Westmoreland High.

10 Facts You Need to know

Michael Cummins Wiki

  1. A man arrested for allegedly murdering several relatives may have killed a woman after stealing her car during a violent rampage on Saturday
  2. Five People Were Found Dead in Two Homes in Sumner County
  3. Michael Cummins, 25, was taken into custody on Saturday after the bodies of five people were discovered in two homes in the town of Westmoreland 
  4. The victims include Cummins’ parents David and Clara, his uncle Charlie Hosale and a 12-year-old child   
  5. Officials said the body of a female was discovered in the locality after she was the victim of a carjacking on Saturday night
  6. They confirmed another body was found at one of the crime scenes on Sunday 
  7. His grandmother was the sole survivor of the shooting spree and remains in hospital 
  8. Cummins was arrested after he was found hiding in woods on Saturday night and was shot at by an officer because he had several weapons in his possession 
  9.  Officials Have Not Yet Said Why They Believe Cummins Is Connected to the Homicides
  10. He has a lengthy criminal background in Sumner County including arrests for robbery, domestic assault and theft