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Who is Susan Shaw Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter, Unknown FACTS YOU NEED TO KNOW

Susan Shaw Wiki – Susan Shaw Biography

The body of a woman was found while searching for a 67-year-old grandmother who mysteriously disappeared after a late night walk.


Susan Shaw was last spotted by police at 1.40am on November 28, 4km up Mount Donna Buang Road in Warburton, east of Melbourne.


More than 120 emergency room workers, community members and friends spent 10 days searching for the woman, also known as Susan Cashmore, who felt lonely during Victoria’s coronavirus lockout.


The body has not yet been formally identified, but was found on Tuesday around 12.40 in the bushy area where Mrs Shaw disappeared.


“The exact circumstances for the woman’s death have not yet been set, but detectives from the Missing Persons Team will be on the scene,” Victoria police said.


Mrs. Shaw’s son, Kane Cashmore, previously said that her mother had a hard time dealing with the state’s strict fourth-stage isolation that separated her from her family and friends before the restrictions expired in October.


She said that the old woman disappeared after she had dinner with her grandchildren.


I was making sure he had dinner because he wasn’t eating properly. He’s been isolating himself a little bit lately, ‘7 News said.


I thought he was just going to sleep because of the amount of energy he was going to spend that day.


Yarra Ranges Senior Sergeant Peter Muys echoed Cashmore’s feelings and previously told The Herald Sun that the woman was growing more and more reclusive after the lockdown.


She said that despite her efforts to keep her son and grandchildren’s morale high, isolation had a negative impact on his mental health.


The police also thought that Ms. Shaw was ‘lying low’ and waiting for someone to find her.


“If he is in a state of paranoia or recluse, he may not want to be present,” Mr. Muys said.


Detectives consulted anyone with a vacant residence to make sure the retired person didn’t take shelter inside.


“If they’re holding water, it might be where he lives,” he said.


When the police saw Mrs Shaw walking down the street 10 days ago early in the morning, they stopped to ask if she was okay.


The outdoor enthusiast insisted he was going out to climb the mountain.


Shaw was 50kg and 165cm tall and was last seen wearing jeans, a green cardigan and bright pink boots.


The police urged anyone with more information to contact Crime Stoppers.