Missing Girl 18 Years Old: Sunny Sramek Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth, Facebook, Go Found Me, Flyer

Sunny Sramek Biography

Sunny Sramek Biography

Sunny Sramek was last seen April 20 leaving Trenton, Neb. Wearing Denim Shorts and a Black tank top, with man cliff coats for a trip to Omaha in a sports Veh, authorities said. Police said the man has returned, but Sramek hasn’t.

Michele Stevenson FBI spokeswoman said “It is critical that if the public has information, they contact us as she could be in danger,”

Investigators have asked the public for help, specifically noting tattoo on Sramek’s shoulder and ankle. She also has a square-shaped scar on her forehead.

Sunny Sramek Age

Sunny Sramek is an 18 years old teen.

Go Found Me Sunny Sramek

A Go found me page is created for supporting and finding for Sunny Sramek. The funds will be used for search and other travel expenses for her family. This Go Fund Me is to help offset my families costs associated with the search for Sunny. Additional resources are also hoping to be used to aid in finding her. Her relative Reni Blome starts the page with message ” If you have any questions, your welcome to send me a message – I’m on Facebook as “Reni Blome”.

Sunny Sramek Flyer

A Flyers have been distributed across the state of Nebraska by Sunny’s own mother who is trying to “keep it together” while also working for the Postal Service as a mail carrier in rural Trenton.

Sunny Sramek Facebook Page

Reni Blome set up a Facebook page, “Find Sunny Sramek” just six days after Sunny went missing, long before law enforcement would eventually take the case seriously, ruling out chances that she was a runaway or “old enough to just leave on her own.

Is Sunny Sramek Married?

Sunny is also married, which is a subject which has not been largely discussed. Her parents say she married young, believing it was a good choice, but went through more growing and trying to do things right, so was currently living with Paula to sort things out. Her husband is not being named in this article, but Sunny’s parents say he his struggling, too, to deal with Sunny’s disappearance.

Sunny Sramek finding Reward

Paula Johnson has offered a reward of $1000 for information leading to Sunny’s return. Jody Sramek also said he would give everything he has just to have his daughter home.

Contact for information about Sunny Sramek

Anyone with any information regarding this case is asked to contact the FBI Omaha Division at (402) 493-8688.