Summer Carver (Mom of 3 Allowed Sex Offender to children), Children, Husband, Wiki, Bio, Age, Arrested, Charged

Summer Carver (Mom of 3 Allowed Sex Offender to children)

The Butte County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement that detectives recovered evidence showing that Summer Carver, 33, was present on multiple instances when David Acuff, 38, molested three of her five children. Detectives reportedly also ascertained that Carver was also there on at least one occasion when the second suspect, Joshua Chadwick — a registered sex offender — molested one of her children.

Butte County police said their investigation began in July, after receiving information that Chadwick, 39, was possibly acting inappropriately around children. Local and federal probation officers searched Chadwick’s home on July 8 and reportedly recovered an electronic device containing child pornography.

According to Police Official Statement

During the investigation, detectives identified the three juvenile victims’ mother as Summer Carver of Oroville, 33. Detectives located evidence showing Carver was present on multiple occasions when Acuff molested the victims. Detectives also located evidence Carver was present on one occasion when Chadwick molested one of the victims. Detectives determined Carver had a total of five children. Based on the aforementioned information, all five children were detained by Butte County Children’s Services Division.
On the afternoon of July 13, detectives placed Carver under arrest and booked her at the Butte County Jail. Carver was arrested for three felony counts of making a child available for the purpose of allowing lewd and lascivious acts to be committed on the child, three felony counts of child endangerment, one felony count of lewd and lascivious acts with a child, and two felony counts of continuous sexual abuse of a child. Carver’s bail was set at $825,000. Carver is scheduled to be arraigned at the Butte County Superior Court on Wednesday, July 15, at 3 PM.

“During the investigation, detectives determined that Chadwick had close contact with three children under the age of 10. The detectives found evidence that Chadwick had sexually abused their children,” he said.

Authorities also reportedly discovered that Acuff, one of Chadwick’s partners, was harassing the same three children. Butte County police contacted the Oroville Police Department, which reported that they had an open investigation into Acuff. On July 8, the police ransacked Acuff’s home and found evidence that their children had been sexually abused for a long time.

The police statement did not reveal Carver’s relationship with Acuff and Chadwick.

Carver was accused of making a child available for the purpose of immoral and sensual acts to the child, endangering the child, performing immoral and sensual acts with the child, and abusing a child. The bail was set at $ 825,000.

Imprisoned without bail, Chadwick was charged with chaste and sensual acts with children and violated federal probation terms and conditions.

Acuff was charged with oral mating or sexual penetration of a child, having a firearm for a banned person and having ammunition for a banned person. He was also imprisoned without bail.

Carver’s five children are reportedly in custody of Butte County Children’s Services.