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steve kazee shameless

steve kazee shameless  :In April, she and Channing Tatum declared they were separating when eight years of wedding. Since then, they’ve each gotten back on the geological dating wagon. On Oct. 26, Dewan formally filed for divorce and sooner or later later was seen obtaining cozy with a brand new man at microphone Meldman’s Casamigos Allhallows Eve party. AN business executive at the party told E! News that she and this mystery man “could not keep their hands off of every alternative.”

It seems this new beau in her life is none apart from the actor Steve Kazee.

As a supply explains, “They are geological dating for some months. She was introduced to him by mutual friends and that they hit it off at once. Jenna very likes him and is extremely happy. She has utterly captiveon from her wedding and is happy to own met somebody new. Steve treats her all right and is doing everything right. She’s hopeful concerning the long runhowever not obtaining too so much earlier thanherself.”

The witness conjointly told E! News that Dewan and Kazee were whole open concerning their PDA at the Casamigos party. “They positively looked like they were geological dating and left the party holding hands. They were petting within the yard before they exited,” the business executive shared.

On Monday night, the new couple attended Shark Tank alum asterid dicot genus Carbone’s l. a. Haunted Hayride. AN business executive told E! News, “Jenna Dewan was at the Haunted Hayride last night with 3friends together with Steve Kazee. She was super nice and therefore the cluster had a blast.”

The business executive unconcealed Dewan and Kazee “were super cute along. They were all lovable all night and were holding hands throughout the ride.

Sources told E! News at the end of September that both Dewan and Tatum are “casually dating” other people. A source said at the time, “Jenna is feeling ready to move on and to get back out there.”

And so she has. While the Magic Mike star is “hanging out” with another big celeb name—Jessie J—the World of Dance host is keeping it more low key.

Here are six things to know about Dewan’s new man, Steve Kazee.

1. He’s a Tony Award winnerKazee won the coveted Broadway award in 2012 for Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Musical for his role in Once. The play also won Best Musical that year, too. It turns out that Kazee has the G and T of EGOT: he won a Grammy in 2013 for Best Musical Theater Album, again for Once.

2. He has appeared on a number of big TV shows: The Kentucky-born actor’s roles don’t limit him solely to the Broadway stage. He has a pretty solid track record for the small screen as well. Kazee appeared in two episodes of NBC’s Blindspotting as Clem Hahn and also during season 4 of Nashville as Riff Bell.

His face will be familiar for any Shameless fans out there, too. Kazee had a pretty steady recurring role during seasons 5 and 6 on the Showtime hit as Gus Pfender. He also acted on NCISLegends and Elementary.

3. He loves his dogs: According to his Instagram, Kazee is totally a doting dog-dad. In fact, he embraces it. “I know that all I post are pictures of my dogs. I am okay with this fact,” he captioned one picture of his dog looking pensive while on a hike at Griffith Park in Los Angeles. Another selfie showed the actor and his dog snuggling and he wrote, “True love.”

In fact, he’s a dog parent to not just one canine, but two. Their names are Violet and Stella. He got a little punny in one caption of the three of them: “Mi furmilia,” he wrote.

Dogs are man’s best friend, after all.

4. He waxes poetic on Instagram: Like the artist at his core (plus him being a Scorpio), Kazee oftentimes offers philosophical and lyrical captions and posts on Instagram. In June, he posted an image of two silhouettes embracing with the moon above them. The photo said, “When two givers indulge in a connection; it’s magic. It’s alchemy. I water you, you water me, we never drain each other, we just grow.”

In April, the Once star shared an image of Violet and Stella looking on with the sunset in the background and wrote all about trust and love. “The sun sets and brings the dark but the sun also rises and brings a new day full of new possibilities. Trust yourself,” he said. “Trust your heart. You’re the only person who knows what’s best for it because it is yours. You decide. No one else can decide for you.”

5. He’s a “proud feminist”: In January 2017, Kazee was in New Orleans for a bit. He proudly attended the Women’s March there and even donned a pink “pussy hat.” He posted a few photos from the day and shared why the experience meant a lot to him. He wrote, “I am a proud feminist man and I was incredibly honored to march in the streets of New Orleans with my tribe today. Love will always win.”

6. He stays active: Other than snuggling with his dogs, Kazee seems to really enjoy hiking, especially at Griffith Park. He loves sharing pictures from the hiking trail there, especially when his dogs are there with him! However, his cardio doesn’t solely revolve around hitting the trails. He’s recently posted pictures of himself at the gym in Los Angeles wearing boxing gloves. He captioned a selfie with his toned arms on full display, “Boxing does a body good.”

steve kazee shameless

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