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Stephanie Freeman Bio, Wiki, Age, Married, Net Worth, Twitter, Instagram, Quick Facts You Need to Know

Stephanie Freeman Bio, Stephanie Freeman Wiki

Stephanie Freeman is identified in the racist video who is viral on twitter getting more than 4.5 million views so far. She was with  Jeffery Hume, they are two high school students who are from Carrollton, Georgia, have been expelled after posting a racist video on TikTok which was shared on Twitter and went viral. It has so far been viewed 4.5 million times on Twitter alone.
The person who initially shared Hume and Freeman’s video on Twitter captioned the video: “Okay I know this probably isn’t going to get a lot of views but I just thought I’d show everyone how racist the kids at my school are. The girl’s name is Stephanie Freeman and she’s a senior at Carrollton High School.” The other student in the video was identified as Jeffery Hume.

Stephanie Freeman Racist Video

In the video, the two enter a bathroom and the camera pans to a paper with a racial slur written on it sitting on top of the sink drain. The two students then pour cups of water over the paper, all of which have different offensive labels referring to black people in derogatory ways.
The video started trending on Twitter early on April 17 as people protested the content and called for their school to take action. Users managed to find out Freeman and Hume’s personal social media accounts, where they go to school, the colleges they plan to attend and more.

School Statements

Carrollton High School issued a statement soon after the incident went viral saying that it was under investigation.

Superintendent Dr. Mark Albertus wrote: “Parents, I was struck tonight that Carrollton High School students created an inappropriate video on the TikTok social media platform. Please note that this video is being addressed immediately and any student involved in the production of this video will have serious consequences. The top priority of Carrollton City Schools is the health and well-being of our students and this type of behavior will not be tolerated. ”
Later, Carrollton High School made the announcement that the two students were expelled. The school said the two people in the video “are no longer students” and that their “behavior was unacceptable and is not representative of the district’s respect for all people.”

Stephanie Freeman Education

Freeman is supposed to be attending the University of West Georgia in the fall, which users on social media were quick to discover. The Twitter channels and Facebook page of the university have both received dozens of messages from the community asking for Freeman’s admission to be revoked, but the school has not yet issued a statement. Heavy has reached out to the university for a statement but did not immediately hear back.

criticized on Social Media

As soon as the video started circulating online, there was intense backlash for the two students. One user shared the video and said: “Thought their future employers and colleges should see this while considering their applications.. THIS IS DISGUSTING!” Another pointed out that “They didn’t get exposed. THEY POSTED THIS.”
One user posted the two students’ Instagram handles on Twitter, but their accounts have since been deleted or set to private. The user added: “Find these poor souls and educate them. They should be expelled and fired from their jobs. This is TOTALLY unacceptable.”