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Sofiane Ghazi ex-wife accused of stabbing her while she was eight months pregnant delivered an emotional plea to the court Monday morning.
The woman, who can’t be identified, was married to Sofiane Ghazi. He is currently facing a sentencing hearing after pleading guilty to the second-degree murder of their child.
The woman said that Ghazi had physically abused her for years. Three years ago, he angrily stabbed his wife 19 times with a carved fork, 12 times in her abdomen.
The eight-month pregnant woman survived. A baby boy was born in the hospital with an emergency room and had a few minutes of heartbeat before he succumbed to his injury.
Second degree murder comes with an automatic lifetime prison sentence that will serve at least 10 years before it becomes eligible for parole. The prosecutor’s office demands at least 18 years prior to the parole.
“I go through these events every morning. Smell, blood, my dead baby’s opinion, pain,” he said in court. “I had a hard time accepting death. I wanted such a son. He took it violently.”
The woman held her tears back while telling the multiple operations she had to do to the court.
Defense wants 12 years in prison.
When his lawyer Ghazi suffered from drug addiction and was sometimes paranoid and told the court that his wife was not guilty, he raised his eyebrows because he was also a drug user. Ghazi’s lawyer argued that this was not just a case of domestic violence, but a dysfunctional family.
The judge will deliver his sentence at a later date.
No matter how long it serves, Ghazi is expected to be deported to native Algeria because he is not a Canadian citizen.