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Who is Skylar Richardson (Ohio cheerleader) Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter, Unknown FACTS YOU NEED TO KNOW

Skylar Richardson (Ohio cheerleader) Wiki – Skylar Richardson (Ohio cheerleader) Biography

Hidden Fast Facts You May Need to Know:-

  • Skylar was sentenced to three years of supervised release in September 2019 
  • On Tuesday, a judge cut that short, saying there as ‘no reason’ for him to invest ‘time or resources’ watching over her
  • In May 2017, Skylar – then 18 – gave birth in secret in her parents home
  • She’d hidden her pregnancy from them then buried the baby in their backyard
  • She was arrested after being forced to confess to a doctor what had happened
  • Prosecutors tried her for murder and manslaughter but she  insisted the baby was a stillborn 
  • She was convicted of abuse of a corpse but was acquitted of the most serious charges

Ohio cheerleader Skylar Richardson has been relieved of probation two years early after pleading with a judge that she wanted to be ‘normal again’.

In May 2017, Skylar – then 18 – gave birth in her parents’ home in secret after concealing her pregnancy. She then buried the baby in their backyard and told no one about it until being confronted by a doctor who said they knew she had given birth after examining her.

She was charged with murder and manslaughter and prosecutors claimed she’d mutilated the baby’s corpse.  The teenager was convicted in September 2019 of abuse of a corpse but was cleared of the most serious charges.

She was sentenced to three years of basic supervision. Now 21, she has spent the last year working in the offices of her trial lawyers.

A judge on Tuesday terminated the remainder of her sentence, saying: ‘There is no reason for me to invest the time and resources of my probation department in supervising you.’

She told the court how sorry she was first.

‘I’m working to get that better, I know it has been a short amount of time and I understand that it doesn’t seem like a lot at all, but in that year and two months I have been, you can say, I show remorse and I feel a lot of things, but it’s hard to show.

‘I suffer a lot in silence and I do show remorse and I am very sorry,’ she said.

On Tuesday, the baby’s paternal grandmother asked the judge not to lessen Skylar’s sentence.

Trey, the baby’s father, was not present.

‘I don’t hate you. You probably think I do but I don’t. When I first told Trey about the hearing, the first thing he said to me was very telling.

“Is it the same judge? If it is, what’s the point in fighting? He’s just going to let her off.”

‘He doesn’t believe she’s had to pay at all.

‘When she was on house arrest before the trial it was a joke. She got to leave her house throughout the day.

‘You had the option of giving her up to six months in prison and you gave her time served. I don’t think three years of probation is too much to ask.

‘I’d really like to know for what reason she feels she shouldn’t have to fulfill her punishment,’ Tracy said.

Skylar gave birth in May 2017 in the upstairs bathroom of her family’s home in Carlisle, Ohio. She said the baby was a stillborn.

At the time, she was 18 and had been suffering from eating disorders for years.

The baby’s father was not her boyfriend but a different young man she’d had a fling with the previous summer.

Having told no one she was pregnant, she buried the baby in the family’s back yard and marked the spot with some flowers.

It was only when she went back to the same gynecologist who had told her she was pregnant to get birth control pills two months later that she confessed to what she’d done.

After a highly publicized trial in September, she was acquitted of murder and manslaughter, convicted of gross abuse of a corpse and given time served and probation.

Her family has since buried the baby’s skeletal remains.

At trial, the court heard how Skylar felt she could not confide in her mother or anyone else about the pregnancy.

She suffered from anorexia, which she partially blamed on her mother.