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Skeeter Millz known as the name Rodney Abdoul Moultrie who assaulted a woman with a skateboard, by forcefully slamming it into her head. Rodney and his friends filmed it and laughed and humiliated her. The woman hasn’t been identified yet if you have any information on the woman please share . Also if you have seen or know where Rodney and his accomplices are located please contact the police department. I have reason to believe they are located in Harlem, New York . If you have any info on Rodney Abdoul Moultrie please contact the police.

Who is Skeeter Millz Victim?

The victim falls to the ground without moving, and the suspect’s friends laugh at the incident. New York Police have indicated that the assault took place in Harlem, but it’s unclear exactly when. The footage was shared on social media on June 16 by Paris Milan and it has since received over 3 million views:

Skeeter Millz Hitting Women Video

was seen knocking out a woman by hitting her in the head with his skateboard in a video that has gone viral. According to multiple reports, the man hit the woman because she rejected him, but many are calling for his arrest despite the reason for the assault.
The man can be heard saying, “f*ck wrong with that b*ch, my name Skeeter Millz,” as he walked towards the camera. He later took to his Instagram story to say that he would be going live to talk about the situation. However, he has since deactivated his Instagram account. A petition to arrest Moultrie has been made on change.org, but no arrests have been made so far.

Skeeter Millz Twitter

First of all The video starts with the woman responding to the man and addressing his friends taking the video. She then stops talking and looks down at her phone. At that moment, the suspect hits her in the head with his skateboard. His friends exclaim and laugh but don’t step in. The suspect then walks back to his friends, who are laughing, and says: “What’s wrong with that b*tch, my name’s Skeeter Millz.”
According to the Twitter post by Milan, the video was originally posted to the Instagram of skeeter_millz, and people were saying he hit the woman after she rejected him. The victim and the suspect have not been publicly identified. The Instagram profile where the video was first posted has since been deleted.
Real video tweet read below
Skeeter Millz hit this woman in the face for rejecting him. 😡
“The most disrespected person in America is a black woman. The most unprotected person in America is a black woman. The most neglected person in America is a black woman.” -Malcolm X