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Who is Siliana Gaspard Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Career, Net Worth, Instagram, Facts You Need to Know

Siliana Gaspard Biography

Siliana Gaspard Wiki – Siliana Gaspard Biography

Siliana Gaspard is Shad Gaspard’s wife. The couple was married in 2009 and have one son together.
On May 20, a Los Angeles County Lifeguards spokesperson confirmed that Shad Gaspard had been recovered. He was 39 years old.
TMZ reports that Shad Gaspard was one of a group of swimmers who got swept up in a riptide. He was swimming with his son, 10 when the incident occurred. The TMZ report said that Shad Gaspard directed rescue workers to help his son first. His son was safely rescued from the scene. The TMZ report also said that the picture being used by rescue workers was taken shortly before he vanished.


Gaspard is a former fitness model and a competitive bodybuilder. Gaspard told Simply Shredded in a 2013 interview that she first got interested in fitness following the birth of her son. Gaspard said that while she gained a normal amount of weight for pregnancy, around 40 pounds, she still found the weight gain “bothersome.”
According to Gaspard’s Instagram profile, she is a certified trainer and nutritionist. Gaspard describes herself as a “Mompreneur.” The bio includes a link to a message application to contact Gaspard directly. The application indicates that Gaspard offers lifestyle coaching, as well as physical training and nutritional advice. On her Facebook profile, Gaspard describes herself as the owner of Destination Luxury Fit Retreats. Gaspard adds in the bio, “I love animals.”
In her 2013 interview with Simply Shredded, Gaspard said of her attitude toward dieting, “It is very simple and clean. I use the same philosophy as I do for working out – “Just listen to your body.” If I am hungry, I eat, if I am not, I don’t, simple as that.”

Siliana Gaspard Instagram

On May 18, 2020, Siliana Gaspard said on her Instagram story that her husband, a former star with the WWE, was missing. Gaspard said that her husband was wearing swimming shorts when he was last seen at Marina Del Ray Beach in California.
In a touching statement on May 19, Siliana Gaspard thanked the rescue workers who had worked tirelessly to try to find Shad Gaspard.

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